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  1. pward

    IFT is an odds chart?

    Ok, this post got lost in the melee at the end of the other thread, but I'm still curious how people see this interpretation of the IFT: If the game mechanics were written that all units had a "defense rating" of 4, then a base 4 FP squad vs a 4 defense squad would be a 1:1 ratio. Since...
  2. pward

    VotG CG3 FPP Question

    Search didn't come up with anything relevant, but since I can't search for 'CPP', 'FPP' or 'CG3', I didn't expect to find it if this was answered before. I recall that for CG2/4 there is an SSR that permits the fortification points to be setup outside of the defined area where the FPP and CPP...
  3. pward

    New FP comparison spreadsheet

    I'm well aware this will likely start up the old IFT vs IIFT debates. I would also like to point out the problems that the IIFT has, in my opinion, by releasing an analysis tool to assist with a reasoned approach to the topic. We can be civil in discussion of this particular topic, can't we...