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  1. Ric of The LBC


    I wish someone could update this.
  2. Ric of The LBC

    Undefeated Season

    Go Dodgers!
  3. Ric of The LBC

    LOS Graphic examples

    What are good graphic examples of LOS, Blind Hexes and Height Advantage?
  4. Ric of The LBC

    Croix de Guerre Reprint Contents?

    Any speculation or knowledge of what to expect. Dinant historical map 1940-43 French OB Free French OB in blue??? Original redone scenarios, old General and Journal scenarios? New First Fire counters? Huh, hmm?
  5. Ric of The LBC

    Jim Stahler's ASL Companion?

    Any idea if this will ever be published?
  6. Ric of The LBC

    Post dates not aligning with local time

    The revised look of the forums is nice. The only thing that still is not working is the date stamp of the posts are not aligning with the local time. First world problem.
  7. Ric of The LBC

    SoCal ASL Gameday 3/9

    From Jim Aikers, President for Life We had 10 members, plus a cameo by Stance and Cheryl Nixon, for the March edition of our ASL Game Day at the Guild House in Bellflower: Dave Kocot brought his copy of Red Factories. So we strung 3 of the 4 maps out on one of the long tables and packed three...
  8. Ric of The LBC

    OB Bicycles

    SSR says Slovakian's have bicycles. Must they come on board with them or can they just be left? ASL 114 Cautious Crusaders I guess at a PP 1 there is no harm in toting them around in case they are needed
  9. Ric of The LBC

    Does "MMP Update" thread need to be pinned anymore
  10. Ric of The LBC

    Croix De Guerre Reprint Boards

    Croix De Guerre came with boards 40 and 41. Yanks 2.0 comes with boards 40 and 41. Aside from the Dinant map, will there be any boards included in the reprint? Huh, Hmm?
  11. Ric of The LBC

    Plano's on sale - $5.24

    Can't ship to California. A bought some from here last year and I thought $6.99 was a steal. Thanks Dems.
  12. Ric of The LBC

    Blaze and pinned unit

    AFPh, blaze spreads to adjacent hex that contains a pinned squad. Unit voluntary breaks in RtPh. Rout to adjacent hex as withdrawing from melee. Do I have that right?
  13. Ric of The LBC

    Bombardment - Shellholes - Woods

    Bombardment DR results in shellholes in a woods hex. Is that hex now considered open ground with shellholes
  14. Ric of The LBC

    Voted NO on all bond measures

    about $16 billion total. Even one that might benefit my business. I bet they all pass because they are just bonds and do not increase taxes. :facepalm:
  15. Ric of The LBC


    BOO! :p
  16. Ric of The LBC


    Welcome back
  17. Ric of The LBC

    Pushing a Gun

    Starter Kit game. S23 Monty's Gamble: British 57L in a building. I want to move it. Does the CA need to be aligned in the direction of travel? Rear CA? Any modifiers for leaving the building?
  18. Ric of The LBC

    California Becomes 1st State To Require Women On Corporate Boards

    if a man identifies as a woman can he/she qualify?
  19. Ric of The LBC

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Flipping around the dial last night and started watching. MP40s. Oops.
  20. Ric of The LBC

    Beyond Valor v3 Countersheets

    Original BV had 12 countersheets. Version 3 has 14. What are on the two added ones?