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    Published in English for the first time - Stalingrad by Vasily Grossman review – one of the great novels of the 20th century.

    Review here: Do you think that the publisher is cashing in on the buzz created by the release of Red Factories :)
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    UK player (new to VASL but not ASL) looking for VASL games

    Hi, New to VASL / SKYPE so it will be slow and I am going to need help setting the boards and turn markers up. Happy to play anything ETO, PTO - you hum it I'll play it :) If you do not want a game any suggestions as to what to read / watch to get better at VASL would be appreciated please...
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    Who wants to win a ride in a Tiger?

    In case you had not spotted it:
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    Reddit has a tank forum

    Reddit has a tank forum which I have been enjoying if anyone is interested. You get things like this: It is the r/TankPorn site. With porn in the title I hope that the work firewall lets you through :)
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    Is the Deluxe ASL Redux going to make preorder?

    I did not know that this was available: Considering that I have used my original Deluxe boards about this going to make the required 800 orders?
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    Swedish Friendly Fire AAR Sep 2018 (the scenarios)

    If you are interested – here are the scenarios that I played and where I went wrong (I seldom went right), together with Mattias’ comments on the scenario: Friday evening 5 o’clock to 11 o’clock FrF 99 Boy Soldiers vs. Lars-Robert Gregorsson: Lars bid G1 and I bid G0. He gets the Germans. I...
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    Swedish Friendly Fire AAR Sep 2018 (the overview / information)

    This is an article written for Pete's VFTT (an excellent publication that I hope you all read). Worth reading if you are thinking of going to this tourny: After Action Report – Swedish Friendly Fire Tournament September 2018 My holiday plans were going to find me sitting in my car in Denmark...
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    Solitaire Red Barricades - a stupid question please......

    Hi, Apologies for what is probably going to be a stupid question and an unnecessary new thread. I've bought solitaire ASL on eBay and the bloke has included a Solitaire Red Barricades rules (S26 to S28) and an SASL CG1 To the Volga S29 These are not official Avalon Hill / MMP products. Who...
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    Wp use OBA

    I apologise for what is probably a stupid question but I can't find it in the rules.........which nationalities get to use WP with their OBA please? I asked around at Intensive Fire and the consensus was just the Americans unless it was mentioned by SSR - is that correct please ? Many...