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  1. Ed Caswell

    OVR attacks

    Back in early 2018 (I believe) the below Q/A showed up in "Perry Sez" and read as follows: Q. "An AFV fires its MA as bounding first fire during its MPh (retaining ROF) but does not fire its MG armament. According to Rule D3.3, the result is that it does not place a bounding fire counter but...
  2. Ed Caswell


    I have read numerous threads/comments re this topic. None, as I understand them, explain the sequence, IAW this rule, of setting up the aerial combats in the CCPh. If the first player (I assume the ATTACKER) places his aircraft in a manner that covers all the enemy aircraft, how does the...
  3. Ed Caswell

    Rout Destination and Possible Interdiction (A10.51 and A10.53)

    When calculating the rout destination and path, can potential interdiction hexes be taken into account ? For instance, if I have 2 possible rout targets equal in every respect except that interdiction could occur along 1 path but not the other, could I choose the safer path ? Suppose a shorter...
  4. Ed Caswell

    Crest Lines

    If I have Level 1 Woods sitting on a Level 1 Crest Line Hex at a distance of 4 hexes from a viewer, does Rule B10.23 still reduce the Crest Line to 0 Blind Hexes and the woods now create only 1 Blind hex ?
  5. Ed Caswell


    If a side has more than one radio/OBA module, how are the modules handled? Does the player make an initial determination as to how many modules he wishes to use that turn or must he select them all? Once this determination is made, does he then process each module - one right after the other -...
  6. Ed Caswell

    Subscribing Gold Membership

    I renewed my subscribing gold membership about a week ago. When will it show up under my Avatar ? I have looked everywhere to post this particular question but could not find anything. So, I am posting it here. Thanks for any help. Ed
  7. Ed Caswell

    ASL Mapboard 77

    Does this board exist and if so, where did it come from/with ? Thanks for any help. Ed
  8. Ed Caswell

    The Exception in the Italicized portion of Rule B10.23.

    Having trouble understanding what, "(unless adjacent)", in the Italics in Rule B10.23 means. Is it talking about the higher level viewer hex being adjacent to the lower level Crest Line hex, or is it talking about the lower level Crest Line hex being adjacent to the next lower level along the...
  9. Ed Caswell

    Mapboard sources

    Can anyone tell me where the following boards came from (i.e., Game module, Journal, Action Pack, Special Ops, etc.). Please be specific. Thanks much. The board #s are: 71 73 74 75 17z 9b ED Caswell
  10. Ed Caswell

    Printing a thread

    Is there a way to come up with a printable version of a thread ? There was before the change but I don't see one now.
  11. Ed Caswell

    Unable to view Attachments

    When I click on the Attachment phrase in a comment I get a new tab with approx. 8 lines of test but no image. Any thoughts out there ? I have sent an email to Game Squad.
  12. Ed Caswell

    Two "Perry Sez"

    Here are two "Perry Sez" I have rcvd over past couple months.>Question: Assume an AFV spends 3 MP moving in to a hex and elects to >Bounding First Fire (BFF) from that hex. Does the AFV get 1, 2, or 3 shots >with it\'s ordnance MA (assuming it retains ROF) based on the 3 MP required >to...