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    C1.8 Bombardment and C1.81 Area (spared hexes) on "Fortenberry" boards

    How would one determine which hexes are spared on a "Fort" board, e.g. board 7a/b? The procedure in C1.81 is designed for boards with coordinates ≤ 10. All of these "fat" boards have coordinates ranging from A1 to Q20 on their "a" sides, and Q1 to GG20 on their "b" sides. Should MMP issue...
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    German MAVN K

    It is March 1943. A PzKpfw VIE has a printed APCR Depletion Number of "5" for 1943. The Germans are Elite (C8.2) by SSR. What is the APCR Depletion Number of the Tiger I during this scenario?
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    Main Armament and C10.5 En Portee

    Are Guns carried as Passenger PP and capable of firing while loaded considered to be MA by default, or must a Gun be designated as the MA on a vehicle listing? For example, the OQF 2-pounder (40L) on the 2pdr Portee TDtr (British Vehicle Note 77) is listed as the vehicle's MA. Is a OQF...
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    S61 Help Our Troops Out

    This scenario was released in Special Ops 7, and uses components from three Starter Kits (e.g. board z from ASLSK1, etc.). The scenario has an SSR telling players to substitute a BAZ 44 for the second BAZ 45, because to date there is only one BAZ 45 in the ASLSK countermix. (It's in ASLSK2.)...
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    B23.211; B23.9; B24.; and B25.66

    1a. May a lumberyard be fortified? 1b. If so, may a dm 76-82mm MTR enter such a Location during play and thereafter be assembled in/fired from this hex? Would fire at Aerial targets also be permitted from such a hex? 2. Is a burning lumberyard susceptible to collapse (B25.66)? 3a. Can a...
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    A12.34 Hidden Guns, B17.4 Crag, and C11.2 Emplacement

    May an 81mm MTR set up HIP in a crag hex?
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    C10.1 Towing and Axis Minor Heavy Tractor T#

    Is there any special significance to the hyphenated Towing Number found on the Axis Minor Heavy Tractor (vehicle note 49)? Or is it a typo?
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    A25.33 American OBA Draw Pile for Scarce Ammunition

    1. Am I correct in concluding that the Draw Pile for a US battery with Scarce Ammo is 9B and 4R? 2. Am I also correct in thinking that the number of chits in any Draw Pile will never exceed 10B/4R?
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    A12.31-.32 Voluntary Loss of HIP

    I submitted a Q&A to MMP on 3 April 2017, and received a response today. The questions were raised in a least two threads, the earlier of the two in 2014. AP84 Double Trouble board configuration A12.34 Hidden Gun My questions and Perry's answers (in green type) below: A12.14, and A12.3...
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    A22.61 MOL Availability and D15.6 Rider Fire

    1. Given that Cavalry (i.e. Riders)--and more generally, Passengers of vehicles--may use MOL, may Riders mounted on sidecars use MOL? 2. D15.6 appears unequivocal, but should there be an exception for MOL?
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    B20.7 FRIGID/FROZEN: Stream

    In scenario FF10, EC is listed as Overcast. Under the heading "Weather," is the following: Ground Snow is in effect (E3.72) and all Rain is treated as Falling Snow (E3.71). The SSR do not make any reference to the stream on board 22. A) Are we to conclude that the stream is frozen on the...
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    Depressions (A6.3); Cliffs (B11.), and Gullies (B19.)

    A) Regardless of what level an observer is at in 65L5, he can never see INTO N7, because it is a Blind Hex per B11.21. B) An observer at Level 2 in N3 has LOS INTO N7 because it satisfies the requirements of A6.3. (Feel free to disagree with either or both of the above conclusions.) 1. What...
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    B20.43 How deep is a deep stream?

    An Italian 4-4-7 AE declares Double Time at the beginning of its MPh, and enters an ADJACENT stream hex that is deep by SSR. Per B20.43, the squad expends 4 MF to enter, and "becomes" CX. May the squad expend another 2 MF to exit the stream and enter an ADJACENT orchard/Open Ground hex before...
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    Plans to triple Canada's population by 2100 are afoot.

    Seventy million (im)migrants wanted. No experience necessary. Will potty train. Canada is an equal-opportunity provider. Apply upon arrival. Would a Big Canada cure the country's demographic and economic ills? Is Merkeltilist economic theory sound? Will Trump's successors want to build...
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    Trigger-Free Trick or Treat

    Happy Halloween!
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    D15.8 Bicycles and A12.2 Concealment

    Bicycles are represented by 5/8" white counters, but are considered SW. (But unlike a possessed US 75mm RCL, for example, a bicycle automatically loses concealment per Case H of the Concealment Table.) 1a. HIP excepted, is there an effective way to conceal a bicycle from view, i.e. without...
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    B9.32 WA and Berserkers

    A unit is claiming WA when a berserker enters the DEFENDER's Location. Does the DEFENDER retain WA? If not, why? If so, may the berserker fire at the enemy unit during the AFPh with a 0 TEM? Would the answers to the above questions be any different if the DEFENDER were claiming WA in a...
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    Lauren Southern Becomes a Man

    And now for something completely normal... Not to be left out...
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    B26.42, B26.44, and D15.47 Wire and Motorcycle Bypass

    May a Motorcycle Bypass an Obstacle in an adjacent hex that shares a "wire hexside" with a hex containing wire (i.e. a wire Location)? My gut tells me no. 1. Is the motorcycle entering a wire Location? No. 2. May a vehicle Bypass along a wire hexside? Yes, but it must pay a Wire MP penalty and...
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    Tactiques TAC 36 La mort vient du ciel - "Death from the Sky"

    Does anyone have the French version of this scenario? Would like to compare the original SSR with the translated version done by Coastal Fortress. TIA