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  1. Proff3RTR

    Oregon 2mm deluxe corner rounders

    Hi all, As the title alludes to, I am looking from r a supplier of the said item in the UK or indeed if any one has a spare one in the uk and would be willing to sell it on to me. They seem very hard or impossible to buy in the UK, and shipping for a £44 item from America is at the cheapest £24...
  2. Proff3RTR

    Grognard Simulations

    Hi all, Does anyone know where if at all I can buy any of the Death Ride Kursk series from grognard Simulations here in the United Kingdom? have been trying to track down some but no dice, any help at all greatly appreciated. all the best Perry
  3. Proff3RTR

    Very last call for.......

    Hi All, Some may remember Jeff Hewitt and I were smashing through the Singling CG in September 2016 when Jeff went strangely 'Off line' as we started CG Date 2, I ask for a long time if he was ok or still around, I have still to this date not heard or have found out anything in regards to Jeff...
  4. Proff3RTR

    Something that's being worked on.

    Hi All, Been busy etc but thought I would show you a little something that is being worked on at the moment (and has been for a few years now). A small hint as to the location, the built up area in the middle to the left of the north south road is the Oktabriski State farm, and the trench...
  5. Proff3RTR

    Stuff the NFL, NK just accused the USA of declaring WAR!!!!!

    It just gets better by the hour, our little chubby friend with the dodgy haircut (no, not Trump) has accused our American cousins of declaring war on NK!! WTF is all that about, time to dust off the old combat clothing, sort my web gear out and buy some new cam sticks, think this will kick off...
  6. Proff3RTR

    Lock 'N' Loaded's World at War

    Hi all, Does anyone know if this title is available yet on a Windows PC? I have seen screen shots etc but nothing else. all the best Perry
  7. Proff3RTR

    Tapio Does it again

    Hi all, This is a spoiler alert, it looks like CH has done it again, some may remember I remade the map for the old paper module 'The Central Railway Station' early last year and BigAl VASL'd it for me and it is hosted on the site for all to use for free, CH has just released a module...
  8. Proff3RTR

    Hube's Pocket

    Just got hold of a 100% all but mint condition copy (but punched) of Hube's Pocket, total price including Postage, £28 !!!!!!!!!!! I am to say the least a happy little learner OCS player at this moment in time. all the best Perry
  9. Proff3RTR

    Calling Jeff Hewitt

    Title says it all, have not heard from Jeff since last September 2nd CG date into our Singling campaign (some might of read the AAR we both started), any news would be appreciated. All the best Perry
  10. Proff3RTR

    OCS Supply question

    Hi all, Working out supply you get a turn is no problem, but where does the supply come on from? Does it get put on a map where ever you want or does it arrive at a map edge hex and then needs to be transported with trucks to its end location? Cheers Perry
  11. Proff3RTR

    Making my own

    Hi all, I have noticed the cost of a copy of Hube's Pocket and to be frank they are insane. To that end I am making my own, very easy to do but I would like to know how others who have made their own counters in the past have sealed them? I want to protect the counters once made as this part...
  12. Proff3RTR

    Which OCS to buy first?

    Hi all, I have decided I am now far enough into my return to wargaming to embark on an OCS oddessy, my problem is this, what or rather where do I start? I AM looking at two titles Sicily II or Tunisia II, I noted that Reluctant Enemies was aimed at New meat to the OCS system but the subject...
  13. Proff3RTR

    Surprise at attack against Muslims?

    1 Muslim murdered and 10 hurt, not sure how bad, but the feeling I get is one of shock and surprise that this has happened, really!, I am not surprised or shocked in the slightest, and to be totally honest I am surprised this has not happened before, you can not condone it, nor should anyone do...
  14. Proff3RTR

    D4 'Wheel of Hurt' USAF Bomb Run

    Hi all, It is official, I have well and truly got the 'Downtown' Bug, Elusive Victory arrived today, I have already punched and clipped the counters. I decided to do a replay of D4, but with a twist, I am going to do an AAR with VASSAL maps & IL2 Sturmoviks 'The Jet Age' to show off Vietnam as...
  15. Proff3RTR

    Downtown D4 'Wheel of Hurt'

    Just started playing D4 'Wheel of Hurt' from the rather good 'Downtown, air war over Hanoi 1965-1972' from GMT games, this game really is fun, from planning the raid, to load out for the strike elements and then the actual run in to target, if you can get a copy (I just secured one!) get it...
  16. Proff3RTR

    GMT Games Downtown

    Hi All, I have a dilemma, I really want a copy of this game. Problem, Very hard to get hold of. so here it is, has anyone or can any one get hold of a copy of this for me at a good price, PM me if you can. all the best Perry
  17. Proff3RTR

    Last attempt to get hold of Jeff Hewitt

    Hi all, Title says it all, I have been trying to get hold of Jeff since the start of last October, has anyone had any contact from him since say, last November? he seems to of dropped off the face of the earth, I hope this is not a bad sign. Perry
  18. Proff3RTR

    Last try to locate Jeff Hewitt before new years eve.

    Hi All, Title pretty much sums it up, I still have not heard from Jeff (last contact end of September), a few others have tried to get hold of him as well but no dice as they say, if anyone has any information could you please enlighten us here on GS. all the best and a Happy new year to you...
  19. Proff3RTR

    Red Barricades Snipers

    Hi all, I am about to kick off CG III 'The Barrikady' but I forget now, how many snipers does each side get? is it the same as VotG I.E 2 per side due to map size, I really can not remember. cheers Perry
  20. Proff3RTR

    A little grain Elevator shinanigins

    Just a quick play on the GE map I made, more to follow in the future I hope, the GE is the building center right with the fired MMG team on the roof The Volga is off to the right of screen roughly 20 hexes.