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    A proposed change to the UN

    How can you say that the UN should be dismantled just so it would fit your anti- liberal views!
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    just curious, tobacco that powerful drug...

    All tobacco products are in my opinion horrific. I hate all of them.
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    How much interest is there in a Warfare HQ T-shirt?

    A beer tanker! :drink:
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    How much interest is there in a Warfare HQ T-shirt?

    Agreed. I can inhale Coffee. I also love greek Coffee :devil: .
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    The mighty One Sentence Story

    The Evil Sumo wresteling association of turkumekistan who had at it's head...
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    flight sims?

    That was from Band of Brothers, right? It will describe the probobal casualty rate, though. :devil:
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    An ode to nice guys

    You did???? :hmmm:
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    It's that time again

    Why do the canadian hockey teams play in the USA leauge. Unfair advantage!! :o :cry:
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    Women in the Military

    I must agree with you here. If having integrated Male-Female combat units is bad, why cant you have all female combat units?
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    Curt, here are my beliefs

    If I am correct this is the 7th time you have said this. Why is it that people refuse to take this as fact :hmmm: !
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    Laszlo's birthday

    Have a grat birthday! With all beer atached. :drink: : Later: :kotz:
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    Mel Gibson's The Passion

    Who can honestly say that they would know the difference between Greek and Latin while they are watching a movie? Movies are supposed to be interesting fun things, not volumes of documentary type information.
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    Germany on the international scene

    Who died and put the US in charge of the world? Even with the demise of the soviet block, many people still hold fast to the belief that the US has the ability to make the world into it’s own personal playground. It most certainly does not, and in my opinion, the EU army will in many ways become...
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    Women in the Military

    :hmmm: what is a "rubber brazier." Besides, other than in semicombat (AAA personel)and as snipers and communications personnel, soviet women serving their country were genrally the equivilent of western enginers. However, the soviets were not just giving women a role in the military out of...
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    Mmmm...Fried Eggs on Fresh Bacon

    Is the US congress legally allowed to change the names of food products so they dont have the word "french" in them? Besides, french fries were developed in belgum.
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    Denmark versus Canada

    I would probobly put my money on denmark because when the canadians are distracted, the US will strike! PS: has anyone seen canadian bacon? halarious movie.
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    Denmark versus Canada

    Who wants to open a betting pool? :cheeky: :cheeky: :devious:
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    Women in the Military

    :hmmm: That is an oxymoronic statement. Honostly, while I think the army is a long way away from full desegragation, there are certin things that I think could be easily integrated, namly the high tech artiliry units that consist of pushing various buttons. I dont think that a man can push a...
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    Mel Gibson's The Passion

    I have not seen it. However, it caused a lot of headlines and made even more money. That is what movies are supposed to do anyway (from the corporation that made it standpoint anyway). :cheeky:
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    The mighty One Sentence Story

    Unfortunately, both of them had forgotten that the elephant parade was about to start. With the thunder of elephantes coming down the street they realised what was happening and quickly made a plot to hijack the beer elephant,and it's support truks.