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  1. JR Brackin

    D3.7 Recall - Armor Leaders Elimination

    Yes. ....Perry No. ....Perry
  2. JR Brackin

    Happy BD to the Marines + Happy Veterans Day

    The title says it all. Today is the USMC Birthday - to all my Marine friends have a Happy Birthday. For Sunday, Happy Veterans Day, and from what I understand is Remembrance Day in Canada and the UK. Thank you to all who have served.!!!
  3. JR Brackin

    21st Brackin Basement Bash (long)

    Actually at this point it is a prequel to the AARs. Tomorrow is the day of battle with 14 plus me battling it out. The group is a little lower with some poor excuses like visiting California, my daughter is getting married, my kids are leaving for college, and I think there was a court case or...
  4. JR Brackin

    Hatten In Flames

    I have not had chance to play this - but should be able to this Friday. The scenarios all look interesting with minimal SSRs ( even including the overall Hatten rules which are 1 page). They all seem to have some interesting attack and defense options. The idea that this is town, providing...
  5. JR Brackin

    ASL 206 Hay That Ain't a ROK

    I have played this once against a good opponent and after a very rough start as the US was able to battle back and make a game of it. I am in the process of playing this again against another good opponent and I hope as the US player to make amends on my mistakes.
  6. JR Brackin

    OS-13 The Route

    Played OS-13 The Route yesterday. I had the Americans who are trying to hold on against a strong German counterattack to retake the Vossenack church. The Germans can approach from 3 sides and have 3 modules of OBA (2 x 70mm, and the killer 1 x 150mm). The US has an ELR of 2 and is mostly 2nd...
  7. JR Brackin

    Scenario 204 Human Bullets

    I sent this to Perry included is Perry's response: In the VC there is a siting of "see SSR 6" - my card has SSR's 1-5, but no 6. Can you state what is missing - or should it be SSR 5 which discusses the vehicles? SSR 5. ....Perry
  8. JR Brackin

    Draggable Overlays and Mac OS

    Is there a trick or something that I need to do to access the draggable overlays - either as the Overlay button or the Draggable Overlay functions. I am using Vassal 3.2.17 and VASL 6.4.1. Thank you,
  9. JR Brackin

    WO 2018

    Any confirmation on dates (yes I know the normal weekend however there is occasionally some movement on dates), registration, etc. Thank you,
  10. JR Brackin

    Brackin Basement Bash 20

    BBB 20 has come and gone. The BBB started after the ASL group from the Eastern PA Gamers Club (EPGS) started to fade due to players moving and change of venue for the club. Twenty years ago (Dec. 1997), 6 of us got together to play some ASL in my basement. And that started the yearly tradition...
  11. JR Brackin

    Happy Memorial Day

    A big thank you to all who served and to all remember those who gave their all. I was fortunate to be in Washington DC the last two days. My brother-in-law traveled via motorcycle across the country from the state of Washington as part of Rolling Thunder. This involves veterans from all over...
  12. JR Brackin

    Residual FP & Factories

    Pardon if this has been asked before. Situation, in a factory hex there is residual FP. The fire came from inside the factory to that spot. If a unit is bypassing the hex with the residual FP (obviously on the outside of the building) is that unit attacked with a TEM of 3 for the...
  13. JR Brackin

    Updates from Winter Offensive

    So did anyone arrive? What are the new products available? Who is beating who? How many are through the door? Being that for personal reasons I could not make it this year - I would appreciate anyone providing us with some insights.
  14. JR Brackin

    Motorcycles and Sidecars

    We could not find anything clear in the rules on this one. If the OOB has motorcycles (D15) can some be exchanged for motorcycles with sidecars? In this case it would allow the portage of SW. We played it as it is not allowed, but had no rules reference.
  15. JR Brackin

    So did anyone find they had a life without Gamesquad

    So what did you do besides going nuts. I know our gaming group were posting back and forth without it. So, either how did you cope or did you develop a life?
  16. JR Brackin

    Vehicle Motion while under a Trench

    I posted the attached since I was reading through the trench rules and it occured to me that while a vehcle can be in a trench there was nothing prohibiting the Motion Attempt. This would seem absurb since the vehicle cannot move. Still B27.52 does state that a vehicle cannot expend a Start MP...