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  1. bluedogpete

    To Be or Not To Be - That is the RF question

    Playing two different players, two different games. Their interpretations of whether Residuals are placed or not could be deemed as follows: 1 Residual markers are placed whenever an attack occurs and an effective result is obtained on the IFT 2 Residual markers are placed whenever an attack...
  2. bluedogpete

    Cowering Confusion

    Three Russian 4-4-7 units are stacked within a building. No Leader. In PFPh enter into the same building adjacent to them is a single German 4-6-7 with an LMG The Russian units take up First Fire with Point Blank Range Their Fire Power 12 * 2 = 24 They roll DR 3, 3 - Doubles - 'Cower' How...
  3. bluedogpete

    Residuals, Tight Spot Defence

    Hoping you can throw some light on the following tight spot circumstance: All attacks/defence take place in Buildings hexes. The German stack of 3 x 4-6-7, LMG and 9-2 Leader fires PBF on the Russians in the adjacent hex to the right. Giving a modified FP of 30, with IFT results of all 3...