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  1. Paul M. Weir

    US weather

    I've seen some horrific tornado and flooding reports throughout the US Mid-West. Has anyone here been affected and how did you cope? While I hope none here have been hit, it seems so extensive that I would be surprised if none have been. Maybe I am getting a too dramatic picture, but from...
  2. Paul M. Weir

    US troop quality in Vietnam (aka McNamara's Morons)

    OK, it's not WW2 but ... I just happened upon this: It was something I was totally unaware of and thought I might pass it on. Quite an eye opener for me.
  3. Paul M. Weir

    Game of Thrones discussion *Spoiler Alert*

    While I would sometimes concur about reading the book(s) first, I often find that does not suit me, entertainment wise. A prime example was Herbert's Dune series, which though eventually palled a little bit for me, I did overall enjoy. The film adaptation utterly killed it for me. I tried...
  4. Paul M. Weir

    Fall of Nanking

    Today is the 80th anniversary of the capture of Nanking and the start of the atrocities known as the "Rape of Nanking" or "Nanking Massacre". Amongst widespread and sanctioned murder and rape, two officers conducted a race to see who could behead 100 Chinese captives first. That was one of the...
  5. Paul M. Weir

    A "Thank You" to LFT.

    I received FtC 5 yesterday from my usual retailer. Although I only skimmed the scenarios, they look interesting with, as usual for LFT, somewhat off the beaten track subjects. I did read the articles and found the three designer article particularly interesting. My main...
  6. Paul M. Weir

    Position bug in forum for new posts?

    I don't know if others have the same problem as me, but from yesterday the "read new posts" button does not seem to be working correctly. When pressed it gets me to the first post in the correct page, but not the correct (new) post. EG if there were 3 pages with 20,20 and 16 posts (total 56)...