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  1. PaKman

    US Vehicular Note V

    Hi all, When replacing my old US chapter H with Yanks 2 pages, I noticed that one of the errata which I had noted down from before is now gone: Note V - add at the end "Such a weapon cannot attack in OVR". This was meant to prevent AA halftracks such as the M16 MGMC to attack in OVR...
  2. PaKman

    AAMG and CA DRM

    Hi all, A CE AFV changes VCA & TCA to take multiple shots during enemy MPh. Last enemy move is a squad running ADJACENT. The AAMG fires: does it have to pay the CA DRM from the previous CA changes? Rules references: D5.11 ("Should they elect to pivot their vehicular counter instead so as to...
  3. PaKman

    Cliff and Inherent Terrain

    Hi all, Orchards are in Season. Is there a LOS between F6 and G8 (see attached)? Thanks!