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  1. mgmasl

    Street Fighting and residual..

    A friendly unit using SF vs an ADJ AFV in a road with any kind of Residual FP by previous friendly fire.. Is attacked by this Residual FP before to roll the CC attack?.. If yes, is -1FFNAM plus TEM applied?
  2. mgmasl

    DARE-DEATH squads in BFP-147

    Are deployed HS from those Dare Death polish squads considered Dare Death HSs? Thanks
  3. mgmasl

    bersek leader morale

    In A15.42.. "A bersek unit never has its Morale Level lowered by any cause and automatically loses any CX, TI, concealment or pinned status.." In last game played only survivor to keep a building controlled was a wounded bersek leader receiving lots of fire but surviving all of them because we...
  4. mgmasl

    HIP leader and sniper

    A hex contains known enemy units and a HIP leader. Sniper attacks this hex.. May the HIP leader be affected? I think no HIP unit may be targeted but not sure in this case Thx
  5. mgmasl

    D2.31 question

    I think surely asked before but no way to remember the right answer.. A vehicle in bypass blocks the bypassed hexside.. but in the two adjacent hexes, or only the hexside of the occupied hex? I mean.. may other vehicle move using the same hexside on the other hex.. or both are blocked? Thanks
  6. mgmasl

    About SPOTTERS

    In rule C9.3. "As long as the Spotter remains in GO, the adjacent mortar(s) MAY fire on any target in the Spotter´s LOS." And ".. A mortar designated for Opportunity Fire but not able to fire in the AFPh due to no Spotter AND NO TARGET IN ITS LOS must still roll for breakdown purposes". It...
  7. mgmasl

    About SW usage

    A squad possessing ATR and LMG fires as First Fire with the ATR and then with IFP. During SFF/FPF, May use the LMG and IFP? And the opposite.. Squad fire LMG and IFP as First Fire, then again LMG and IFP as SFF being marked Final Fire. Then is Overrun by an AFV.. May use the ATR as FPF Non-CC...
  8. mgmasl

    Question about mapboard configuration

    Scenario says "use hexes numbered 11-20" Which one is the good way to play: A or B? If using A units may bypass O11 hex using the topmost hexside but this side of the hex O11 doesn´t exists on B.. Thanks Display A Display B
  9. mgmasl

    Bog Removal

    I remember a Q&A about armor leader affecting bog removal DR. If ok, is the MP cost affected by the modified DR -ie reduced by the leadership- or it only affects the bog removal result? Thanks
  10. mgmasl

    Stack with MMC with 1PP SW and leader

    A stack with a HS portaging a 1PP SW and a leader is attacked resulting in the HS being killed.. I think the leader may take the SW, but may it continue moving with this 1PP SW? Same if the HS is broken,.. May the leader recover the SW from the Broken HS at 0 Cost and continue the movement with it?
  11. mgmasl

    Question about Pillbox set up

    I think a non-PTO pillbox and its contents are placed HIP during initial setup until in LOS of enemy units. Even if clearly in LOS and so being revealed inmediately after enemy unit setup at the start of turn 1. Am I right?
  12. mgmasl

    Armored Halftracks with special Mg weapons

    I refer to german sMg hts and equivalent americans that may unload some SW as passengers in place of the normal rule abandonement and remove available SW.. Ie 1/4 MPs in place of ALL MPs. I have an APC player aid from HOB.. It says only german sMG hts and 251/16 may download vehicular SW as...
  13. mgmasl

    Scouts Cars

    Are armored Scout Cars (M3A1 SC) considered Armored Halftracks for purpose of rule D6.64?
  14. mgmasl

    Spreading Fire modifiers

    Is a burning vehicle in a wood-road hex considered "directly attached" to the in-hex wood area for spreading purposes? same question for other terrain in any road hex with a burning vehicle in the road.
  15. mgmasl

    About AP2 SSR2

    "A Russian squad only (and all SMC/SW stacked with it)..." Not sure if refering to 1 squad capacity .. ie including also a crew plus gun.. or to a specific SQUAD. Ie May one/two russian AT guns setup in board 2a by SSR2? Thanks
  16. mgmasl

    Declaring CE at start to use smoke discharger

    At the start of the movement phase an AFV declare CE status and roll for some discharger (or smoke grenade). I´ve always played that once declared the CE have to stay CE until next Advance Phase as minimun, but I´ve been told during a game that if failing the roll for sg or Smoke dispenser, the...
  17. mgmasl

    QFLG exiting a hex using a TB

    A vehicle enter a hex at road cost with AT Mines.. AT mines get no effect and the vehicle stops, it starts rearward movement and exit using the TB created when entering the hex. Is the cost 4x1/2MPs? or because it´s using the TB to avoid the AT attack is doubled again to 2x4x1/2MPs? Thanks
  18. mgmasl

    Question from last game (QFLG) about routing from a Ht

    A Ht is stunned with a broken HS bypassing a building location occupied by an enemy unit. Enemy hex is occupied by bersek HS and a broken squad. All units marked with a CC counter During rout phase.. May the broken pasengers rout to the building in-hex location occupied by the bersek and the...
  19. mgmasl

    Slovakian wz36 Mortar counter errata

    I´ve just noted this VASL counter has s7 and IR in the VASL counter, but not at all in ASL ordnance notes.. Axis Minor Ordnance 28.. Very important in BFP105 scenario
  20. mgmasl

    About Board BFP K

    I´m doing a defensive set up for BFP 105 and not sure about the stone building H3. White circle looks greater than normal ones and so I think is a single-hex Two-Story House. Is H3 a single-hex Two Story House (B31.3)? Thanks