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  1. Kevin Kenneally

    Modules Stuck on the P# Listing

    Come one, Come all.... Invest in the newest reprints of the current modules: For King & Country... (The Commonwealth OoB)... Deluxe Map reprint.... (40 scenarios included...) Supplemental Map pack (Picking up where the original ASL Map Bundle left off, this bundle features 40 maps: 53-77...
  2. Kevin Kenneally

    ASLSK PTO status?

    Has anyone got a status for this yet?
  3. Kevin Kenneally

    Crews for MGs and Light Mortars

    All, When creating scenarios, do you incorporate a Crew Counter for MMGs/HMGs? Or even Light Mortars?
  4. Kevin Kenneally

    New Armory pages for the KW HASL and the RF HASL

    Does anyone know if Reid Hutchison has created the Armory pages for these two items yet?
  5. Kevin Kenneally

    Tournament Pack that are available

    All, I am wondering it there are Tournament packs available from the 2019 year? March Madness and the KC folks have published something over the last few years. I think I saw a Nor'Easter advertisement for a small scenario pack as well. Is there any info available to confirm is scenario...
  6. Kevin Kenneally

    Need info about a book

    All, I just got a paperback book written by James B. Lucas called "Das Reich". Has anyone read this and does this offer any good ASL ideas. Thanks in advance.
  7. Kevin Kenneally

    CH War in East Africa 1940

    All, Has anyone purchased this? Is it worth getting?
  8. Kevin Kenneally

    Nationality Pack #5 NW Europe

    Has anyone received this item from CH? I got mine from Noble Knight Games in a sealed ziplock bag last week. When I inventoried the contents, there was only 1 page (front & back) of info on the Counter characteristics; but there is a picture on the back cover showing two pages. I have Pages 1...
  9. Kevin Kenneally

    Chapter H Russian Ordnance Note 15.

    All, Doing my clean up and inventory and noticed that the Chapter H Russian ordnance Note 15 covers the 76.2mm P. obr. 39 (76L) artillery piece (also the info on the counter). But the Starter Kit 2 and Festung Budapest has 76.2mm PTP obr. 39 on the counter, but no Ordnance Note for this...
  10. Kevin Kenneally

    CH St. Lo HASL

    Is the St. Lo HASL worth getting for $75 on ebay? Or should I get another ASLSK Expansion Pack instead?
  11. Kevin Kenneally

    Russian M4/76(a) counter

    All, Punching and sorting through counters today at lunch and noticed some differences in what the M4/76(a) counter looks like in this game. BVv1 has the M4A1 counter front and back. BVv2or 3(?) ((c) 2005 on counter sheet) has the M4A3 with a M4A1 counter on the back. BVv3 ((c) 2011) has an...
  12. Kevin Kenneally

    ASL "Watch List"

    All, I'm thinking that the GS Forums should develop a "Watch List". This list can be used to look for players, absentees, future products from ASL producers, etc... What do YOU think?
  13. Kevin Kenneally

    Items in production from MMP (ASL only)

    OK, Winter Offensive was a success. Journal 12, WO 2017 pack and the reprint of FB is out the door. Now, what will be coming soon/next? Korea HASL? Hatten mini-HASL? (the playtest pics from WO were GREAT). Reprint release of the British (FKaC)? Desert module (finally !)? French module...
  14. Kevin Kenneally

    Black Area Acquisition counters?

    All, What module did the Black Area Acquisition counters come in? I've check the Chapter N for the ABtF and did not see them there? Thanks in advance for the assist. Kevin
  15. Kevin Kenneally

    Tank unit OoBs

    All, Had two portable HDs crash and they had a BUNCH of OoB stuff on them. I was able to find Infantry unit OoBs for all the major combatants, but I lost all of the tank unit info. I have the Americans stuff located and copying now, but I need the German (early, mid and late war) tank units...
  16. Kevin Kenneally

    Counter OCD

    All.... I've FINALLY finished counting every-last-FRAKKIN'-counter I have for ASL Nationalities... The Admin counters... "Fer-git-abut-countin'-'em".... Too many to even start. But I have over 9275 Blue German Army (AH/MMP/BFP/HoB/CH/Whoever else) counters, 1689 Blue SS, 214 Spanish...
  17. Kevin Kenneally

    Turkey Day Greetings

    Hello to All... Wishing you a GREAT Turkey Day with plenty of family and friends on a Thursday... Football, Family, Friends & Food (The four "F's" of HAPPINESS).
  18. Kevin Kenneally

    Holiday Thanks to MMP

    To the crew at Festung MMP. Wishing everyone a very plentiful and thanks-filled Turkey Day tomorrow. Kevin Retired 1SG of Cavalry
  19. Kevin Kenneally

    Thanks to Dav Garvin

    All, I want to thank Dave publicly for allowing me to purchase a copy of HLv1 from him. It was unpunched and all the items were there. He's a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces and I believe "hiding" in Virginia at the moment.... On some special assignment to find "Moose and Squirrel" for...
  20. Kevin Kenneally

    Lone Canuck Publications.

    Maybe use this for the LCP alerts and items.