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  1. Justiciar

    Recall and Straying

    Is a vehicle under any form of Recall subject to straying? Yes; Straying applies normally. ....Perry MMP
  2. Justiciar

    Straying and Recall

    At night, does a vehicle under Recall have to make a Straying DR?
  3. Justiciar

    CC/Melee and LLMC/LLTC

    Perry Are units locked in MELEE/under a CC Counter considered 'in CC' and subject to LLMC/LLTC immunity (A11.141) for fire coming from outside their location during any fire phase? Thank you. Andy Answer: Units locked in Melee are immune, but not units merely under a CC counter. ....Perry MMP
  4. Justiciar

    CtR-9 60mm Mtr Q

    The US receives 3x dm 60mm Lt. Mtr. Can these be exchanged for US Ord. Note 1 OBA? If yes, can a field phone be selected?
  5. Justiciar

    CtR-6 Set Up Q

    So the set up for the Japanese says "Set up in any Hinterland Locations >= 2 hexes from any Beach Location, see SBR3." This says "Mines and wire may set up in Beach Locations." So the Mines and Wire can set up anywhere (as otherwise allowed) BUT* adjacent to a beach location? That seems very...
  6. Justiciar

    WO32 Corps Values

    The VC have some points awarded at the end of a Game Turn. The game ends on a "half turn". Would points still be awarded that final turn even though the bottom half of a complete game turn did not take place?
  7. Justiciar

    RO 5 set up

    German set up instructions should read: "set up on/west-of the perimeter (see SSR 2), in building/rubble Locations and/or Trench adjacent to building/rubble". ....Perry MMP
  8. Justiciar

    RO 1 VC

    RO1: Yes. Yes, but R33 does not. Add new last sentence to SSR 1: "Place stone rubble in hex R33.". No. ....Perry MMP
  9. Justiciar

    RO 4 and Set DC

    Q: SSR 4 references "Set DC (A23.7)"...that rule requires that a detonating unit be within 6 hexes and LOS to the DC. Is this prerequisite void for this DC? A: No detonating unit is required. ....Perry MMP
  10. Justiciar

    Clearance B24.7

    Rubble, Wire, mines, Set DC, roadblocks, and Flame may all be removed as *Tasks* by units (at least one MMC/Dozer)....... So is each a different Task DR (hence the use of the plural...and not language like "as one combined task"? EX a hex has mines and one clearing both on the same...
  11. Justiciar


    The Germans are given 6 Trenches...yet their set up instructions limit them to "building/rubble location" is this the intent...? Note the Russians receive pre-reg on their 120mm OBA so there is case for needing the trenches.... The Russians know where the German must be in all regards.... The...
  12. Justiciar

    RO1 Buildings

    Does building M30 count for the VC...even though part of it is in hexrow L? I assume partial buildings in play EX N24 still count as a whole building.
  13. Justiciar

    RO1 SSR 4

    Does the EXC there count against the DR, or is that SMC free? EX: on a given turn the dr is 1. Can say a 426 and 9-0 enter, because the SMC 'may enter' and you can never have a dr 0 so the "1" counts towards the 426.
  14. Justiciar


    Playing Area is G-W in hexes >= 30. SSR 1 states place Flame in F27. :unsure:?????????
  15. Justiciar

    WO Brief AAR

    Returned from WO, went *7-1...but, wait,.... not that 7 and 1. For I played a newbie, so this was a training scenario, and then I play tested 3 other scenarios for forthcoming projects, one for a little known you can't count those either.... MM46 Take that Hill vs Walt "the Spook."...
  16. Justiciar


    Interesting article on its design and inner workings ... Evidence there for BU use of starshells...
  17. Justiciar

    SP 142

    [Edit *RPT 142* not SP 142] SSR 4 states "The American 9-2 is Heroic...."....but the US OB shows no 9-2, only a 10-2 and a 8-1. What are the correct US leaders?
  18. Justiciar

    TH-H and roadblock

    So....if a HIP TH-H sets up in an orchard road hex and a hex side of that hex contains a roadblock....the TH-H is forced to have WA...if an enemy armed unit then comes up to the roadblock and claims WA is the TH-H eliminated? (As it is forced to say it has WA and this is then involuntary loss...
  19. Justiciar

    Track and Broken Ground

    SSR has Broken Ground in effect (F13.1). SSR also had track (F9) along hexrow Q (as it happens). Now a track negates BOG where there is Hammada, but Broken Ground turned Hammada to crag and adj. hexes to Broken Ground which is Bog Terrain. Would the track negate this latter BOG? Seems...
  20. Justiciar

    Carrier A "AAMG Option"

    At step up could a Carrier A's BMG be marked for "AA" mode?