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  1. KenH

    Looking for PBeM opponent - usually 1 log/day - Must use

    Hello all, Looking to add another PBeM game to the one match that I have currently. Been playing since early 2000s, but took several years off lately due to busy family life. But, back in the saddle now! So, I know most of the rules ok, but am a bit rusty at the moment. Willing to play any...
  2. KenH

    Handy Excel-based Scenario analyzer (using data from ROAR)

    Hello all, Just wanted to share a spreadsheet that I created for myself and have been using for a while. It displays scenarios by publication and, using data from ROAR, shows both rating and balance along with basic info such as which nationalities are involved and how long the scenario will...
  3. KenH

    VASL PBEM game wanted (start simple- relearning the game after years away)

    Hello, Haven't played ASL in 4 years. Life has gotten a bit simpler lately and looking to get back into the swing of ASL. Should be able to relearn the rules quickly and am reading the RB to brush up now. What were those rout rules again??? Snap shot, armor factor, hmmm...? Anyone...