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    War, Famine and Death - The Coming Global Climate Shift?

    The thing that always gets me is the fact that in the year 1000, the global climate was warmer than it is now.
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    Everyone likes Hillary right?

    Very nice! I never would have caught that.
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    New Kerry Ad

    That one is classic.
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    Kerry On Iraq: Documentary

    There simply is no position he's not willing to take.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront is out!!!

    Quite honestly, this is one of the best-looking star wars games I've seen. I can't wait to try it out!
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    9/11 Pentagon Conspiracy
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    Best & Worst Second World War Movies ever made?

    Well, the best is Patton. The worst I've seen is Pearl Harbor, and I didn't even see all of it.
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    Man On Fire

    I'm as much in the dark as eveyone else here about how good it is, but looking at the advertisement, it seemed like a good movie.
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    Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

    I like multiplayer demos better for these kinds of games. It was good, otherwise.
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    your speciality in military history..

    1. American Civil War 2. Wars of Alexander 3. Napoleonic Wars
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    Military History Channel

    Now I REALLY wish I had that channel.
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    Ranks at ACG

    I don't think those are quite right. I have 126 and I'm a staff sergeant.
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    A World Government

    I don't think it would ever work. To sit at any position of power in that would be command of the world. Also, the world is too diverse. Muslims would not appriciate a Christain at their head, and vice versa. Even if it is set up like the UN, it wouldn't work, because, well, the UN doesn't...
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    Rome: Total War Demo

    I liked the gamespeed the way it was. Of course, I usually speed it up somewhat in Medieval. The thing was very easy on the Easy setting, but not so much on the harder difficulties. Never impossible, though.
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    This is one for all you conspiracy nuts!

    And in my experience, it is immpossible to pursuade the type of people I'm sure he was talking to. I've tried, but they never change. I guess they consider the facts to be superfluous to their opinions.
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    Rome: Total War Demo

    If anyone wants to extend their gaming pleasure, there are some mods to download:
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    This is one for all you conspiracy nuts!

    Very thorough. NICE. :D