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  1. zgrose

    Entrenched behind a Low Seawall

    Can a unit in a Trench behind a Low Seawall see non adjacent hexes past that wall? I think myself, and some others, imagined the Low Seawall like a small Cliff but I’m not finding the rule to support that. Could be looking in the wrong place. Taken from Facebook post about AP101 playing.
  2. zgrose

    5G thoughts

    Since it’s been framed as a national emergency, figured this might be an interesting opinion piece to get any discussion going.
  3. zgrose

    women in STEM

    So I decided to check out InfoWars to see what's going on and I found this tidbit. How come the left isn't hyping this excellent news?!?
  4. zgrose

    First Step Act So what’s the scuttlebutt on this getting passed in 2018?
  5. zgrose

    voting machines

    First time voting here in Texas. I found the machine amazingly awkward to operate. Large wall of text on the very first screen and a rotary wheel to make selections on the screen. Any better/worse in your State? I hope I can mail-in a paper ballot in future years.
  6. zgrose

    North Dakota Voter ID

    There are now IDs and more-better-IDs in North Dakota. From Mother Jones with crazy leftist commentary snipped:
  7. zgrose


    Where you do draw the line at risk? Specifically, in a standard ASL moment, if your opponent needs an X DR to succeed, what value of X do you start to question the value of your move. For me, 6 is a probably go for it and 5 is a for sure. Obviously some ASL moments have more weight than...
  8. zgrose

    Best marking option for glass and plastic

    What's the best (easy to clean off) option for markers when working with map covers of: a) glass b) plastic Dry erase sounds ideal, but they only work on treated surfaces (i.e the whiteboards), yes? The wet erase overhead projector type pens sounds like the other logical option. Any other...
  9. zgrose


    Not a lot of policy posts these days, so here's one to get things moving.
  10. zgrose

    Civil asset forfeiture

    Looks like civil asset forfeiture is the next policy reversal in the Sessions Justice Department. Not a fan, what about the rest of you?
  11. zgrose

    A4.42 Inherent Portage Capacity (IPC)

    Situation: Hero/HMG/9-1 want to leave a hex I believe the rule says a SMC (the Hero) can never move with anything 3+ PP in size but that if the SW was 2PP, the Hero and Leader could combine to have their full 6MF (1 IPC on the Hero, +1 IPC for the Leader for no PP carried in excess of its IPC)...
  12. zgrose

    Routing when you "know" you can't reach

    In the image below, the squad in Y7 obviously has to rout. Can't go up. Can't go in Z7. Z8 is an Orchard. So it looks to me that he has to choose Z9 @ 4MF away. The squad gets the wall TEM in Y8 so no Interdiction there. LOS from everyone else is blocked. I could then get the vehicle TEM in Y9...
  13. zgrose

    C8.5 SMOKE in DFPh

    "Once any unit fires anything other than SMOKE during that PFPh/DFPh, no SMOKE may be fired during that PFPh/DFPh." If my AFV First Fired a MG during the ATTACKER's MPh, is that AFV clear to fire SMOKE from the MA? Seems like so but triple checking.
  14. zgrose

    Case L and firing on the Start MP

    I think I've learned in an older thread that Case L doesn't apply when firing at an AFV on its Start MP. Am I remembering correctly?
  15. zgrose

    A4.31 Bypass

    Using the A4.31 EX illustration: May the 4-4-7 squad enter D4 in Bypass along the D4/C4 hexside, and then enter C4 for a total of 3 MF (1 for bypassing D4, 2 for the woods in C4)? Yes. ....Perry MMP
  16. zgrose

    Conservative policies at their best And apparently the cops are feeling the burn, too. "It's not just teachers: the highway patrol has been given orders not to completely fill their gas-tanks at the...
  17. zgrose

    Caves primer

    Is there a good article on Caves in a Journal/etc? Reading through G11.85 has revealed all sorts of goodness and I'm looking for more.
  18. zgrose

    Gotta love the smell of liberty in the morning!
  19. zgrose

    Taking a stab at a scenario

    Taking a stab at what I'm calling the first is a series of "plausibles" which is just my word for a playtested DYO. I'm thinking a company of Americans supported by a platoon of M4s and battalion mortars are tasked to flush the Germans out of a crossroads/edge-of-town/village type defensive...
  20. zgrose

    Flat Earthers unite

    Any flat earthers here?