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  1. xenovin

    Can we start a BG counter Forum

    I think they are fine here in the design area and I do read them but I usually don’t have anything to add! I wouldn’t say this is crowding out design comment. There just is much less posts on GS anymore so more people are actually looking at it as not much else is being posted.
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    AAR - Roses for Vandervoort - TAC47

    At first This looked really easy for my US paratroopers. I really should read the scenario card and note the four HIP Guns! Needed to use way more smoke in this one to get through the initial kill zones. My burning Sherman’s gave a great Russian smoke screen but a tad too late. Props to the...
  3. xenovin

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Something happened with your coding, that’s not the IIFT :)
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    BG Counters 30: PT-34 M41, PT-34 M43, PT-KV1 M41 & PT-KV1 M42, T-34/57, & KV-150

    This was 16 October 1941 counterattack against Kalinin but 21st TB was a mixed bag of whatever was left around Moscow (T-34/57, T-34, T-26, BT-2, BT-5, BT-7, T-60 [first time in combat] and 4x ZIS-30s). The regiment and battalion commanders each received a T-34/57 with RAD. They did manage to...
  5. xenovin

    BG Counters 30: PT-34 M41, PT-34 M43, PT-KV1 M41 & PT-KV1 M42, T-34/57, & KV-150

    6 of 10 T-34/57s in the 21st TB in 1941 had radios.
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    Scenario Pack List

    The best place to figure out what CH does is the Desperation Morale website but it hasn’t been updated since 2017-ish. As far as related packs, the old CH series packs like hero packs, Euro packs, etc were related but each was self contained. I think the newer Red rarities and hot stove packs...
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    Da Paul Challenge

  8. xenovin

    Strategic considerations for placing rubble..

    Divert vehicles away from roads into kill zones, rubble stairwell locations in VC buildings or upper building hexes favorable to enemy attack on your position, manhole locations, close a flank to vehicles, in general use to annoy or frustrate an attack on your position.
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    What explains counter dimensions?

    There are threads about some counters falling apart and my vague memory was each printer used thier own core material so modules done by different printers have various thicknesses.
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    They are working on it and update on number of HASL and geo scenarios.
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    There’s an update on the module in the new View From the Trenches #106.
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    calling Ketil

    mine would be titled: Calling Quetzalcoatl
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    The boards are not out yet.
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    calling Ketil

    I thought this was some kool scenario title
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    Discount Code

    The email newsletters are also posted to CH’s forum for view and free downloads not included with the email version.
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    Red Barricades for SK?

    IDK - it tends to work out to 10- to 20-cents an hour lol
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    Red Barricades for SK?

    Modules start with the dream of the designer.
  18. xenovin

    Missing Counter Series: IPM Exempt

    Some people are beyond help :)