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  1. MajorDomo

    Games played at the 2019 Canadian ASL Open

    I just won as the Russians versus my regular VASL opponent. Worth a playing in my opinion.
  2. MajorDomo

    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    Operative word is "reduces". Vegas went from one/two decks in early seventies to four decks in a dealing shoe. They now are at eight decks out of a shoe, last I visited. As an avid blackjack counter, the four decks just slightly reduced opportunities. The eight decks do greatly reduce your...
  3. MajorDomo

    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    Rich Domovic's Germans defeated Nate Stapf's British in J167 Hart Attack. The Brit main attack attacked the upper stone VC buildings. Their attack, six brokies later, did not go well, the 9-2 relegated to rally duty. The secondary lower board attack saw both AFVs succumb to the 40LL gun in...
  4. MajorDomo

    TCA change penalties

    Above is the situation, Russians moving. The PZIVJ turns its TCA two clicks to the right as Defensive First Fire and fires its coaxial at 4+6 (3 for two click turn, doubled in woods, +1 for hedge, -1 for non-assault moving). In Defensive Final Fire, the PZIVJ fires it MA to hit the T34/85...
  5. MajorDomo

    Are you sick of Korea already?

    Yep, tired of the Korean scenarios after playing about 50% of them. Rich
  6. MajorDomo

    Routing towards the enemy

    I understand your point, sure hope you are not correct about increasing the range only applying to low crawl. That would open up a bunch of routing sleazes where you start in a direction knowing it will cause you to eventually ignore the initial target and rout to a more desirable place, even...
  7. MajorDomo

    Routing towards the enemy

    I don't see how the router can ignore AA4 as his initial rout destination. It is three MF away and a building.
  8. MajorDomo

    My Dream Tourney

    Melvin runs HASL FTF tourneys, last was Hatten. These HASL tourneys would be naturals for say 16 players using VASSAL. You could have longer scenarios on specific HASLs, with two month rounds. Much like Carl's desert/paratrooper/PTO VASSAL mini tourneys.
  9. MajorDomo

    Gut Punch (DftB 141) setup restrictions

    When we played it, no setup on half hexes counted for board x setup. Rich
  10. MajorDomo

    Thrown DC from above against OT AFV

    Wouldn't an adjacent 458 at level 2 attack the vehicle on the 8 FP IFT column as it is doubled for being at higher level and adjacent? Also, this logic would mean a DC would attack an OT vehicle on the 30 IFT column in the level 2 thrown DC attack with no placement roll, a sure kill barring a...
  11. MajorDomo

    Minimum move in PTO bamboo

    My Brits were in the process of overrunning the Jpn village. It made sense for the HIP HS to bounce my MMC so as to keep the ability to fire as his comrades were being menaced. Unique case for sure.
  12. MajorDomo

    Minimum move in PTO bamboo

    Evidently, re-learning some PTO rules. A Brit squad attempts to move from a Gully into adjacent bamboo, a minimum move. The Jpn reveal a HIP HS in the bamboo hex and bounce the Brit squad back to the gully hex. Is the Brit squad now both CX and Pinned in the gully hex? Thanks, Rich
  13. MajorDomo

    Followup Commissar question

    Earlier thread consensus was that a concealed Commissar does not lose concealment due to raising the morale of squad in his location, while a 9-1 would lose concealment to increase the morale with his -1 leadership. How about a concealed 9-1 Japanese leader in a location with a squad: A. Can...
  14. MajorDomo

    Commissar question

    A squad in a location with a concealed Commissar suffers a PIN check. The concealed Commissar enables the squad to pass the PTC. Does the Commissar lose concealment for applying his morale benefit. Thanks, Rich
  15. MajorDomo

    Pinned after moving

    Ok, here it is. A leader spends 5 MF, ends movement. In Defensive Final Fire, the leader suffers a wound result and survives. Does he the pin for using more MP than three in his movement phase? Thanks, Rich
  16. MajorDomo

    AFV MA MG intensive fire in Prep

    I have seen a couple of discussions on this. Is there a Perry Sez, Journal errata... on whether an AFV's MG main armament can perform an intensive fire Prep Fire, To Hit on an enemy AFV. Thanks, Rich
  17. MajorDomo

    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    I do believe that if you turn back the clock to when the first ASL rules emerged from the sea to crawl on land, the third ROF dr should have been the way to go. A three ROF machine gun or anti-tank gun can occasionally destroy a scenario with a series of ROF, hence low rolls. Rich
  18. MajorDomo

    Tiger 131 tale revisited

    Great story! Saw Tiger 131 a few years ago. Certainly can understand the fear, it looks to be a man tank among boy tanks. Rich
  19. MajorDomo

    Routing question

    Vichy French are blue.; It is their movement turn, Rout phase. No Quarter has not been invoked. My take is the French, routing first, cannot stay in Open Ground in normal range of a Brit unit. They cannot rout without taking interdiction, but they cannot surrender to the Brits in EE4 as the are...
  20. MajorDomo

    Cupola firelanes and gun fire question

    Seems reasonable, that is how we played it. Rich