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  1. MarkDV

    Did we do this right--ATG and gully and crest status

    OK the scenario was FISH TO FRY from the Schwerpunkt people Wayne Boudreaux, my opponent, placed a 45LL ATG HIP, in a WOODS hex (totally legit so far) that was in a gully (again legit) and placed him in CREST status (not so legitimate) I say the CREST status is a NO GO. Wadi rules talk about...
  2. MarkDV

    JEHUs arrow...a brief story from the bible then STREETS OF STALINGRAD moment....

    Ok for those who don't know their bible history....Jehu was a king from the 10 northern tribes. He was fleeing from a battle in his chariot. He wore armor, an important detail. Some nameless archer fired at him, and the arrow not only hit the moving target ie the king in a chariot, but...
  3. MarkDV

    POLISH REQUIEM Best of Friends version

    Ok I played this scenario vs. Chris Garrett on January 5, 2019 TURN 1, Germans...he has a SAN 3. He gets 2 KILLS....out of 4 times I rolled his SAN. 2 dead/KIA 9-1 leaders later, along with 5 broken squads, I'm ready to hang it up and start over. BUT....just like there's no crying in...
  4. MarkDV

    Red October?

    OK so title says it all. MMP site says Shipping Fall 2018. NO WISE ACRE answers about shipping on Monday. Any word on status?
  5. MarkDV

    RED DEVILS from the recent FORGOTTEN WAR

    Played this as the CPVA vs. Jeff De Young and the US Army. I WILL NOTE.....I think Jeff lost for 2 reasons. 1-his perimeter was too close to the guns 2-He gave in to the temptation of firing the guns at my onboard forces, giving me a VP each time. He did this 4 times. TWO of the guns I...
  6. MarkDV

    Did we do this right? CC and Melee edition

    Ok in 32 years of ASL....a unique one. In the scenario CRICKETS IN SPRING I was playing David Ginnard. He had a Panther break his MA, then roll a 6, recall. I then IMMOBed the tank in a Melee because I wanted the CVPs. I then argued that the crew has to bail because it already was...
  7. MarkDV

    Jason Cameron in Houston TX you ok?

    Title says it all
  8. MarkDV

    German motorcycle troops question

    Ok so early in World War 2, the Germans had units that were equipped with motorcycles, essentially dragoons if you think Napoleonics. Did they keep that up thru the entire war? Or at what point did they stop using them? And for what reason ie cost? Maintenance? Change from blitzkrieg to...
  9. MarkDV

    Between Rockets & a Hard place AAR

    well, my dice diced him. Four different snake eyes, either on IFT shots and one on a MC. Larry? He was playing Victory in the Pacific...lots of 4s, 5, 6s. In pairs. Both sighting TCs for his STUKA were 11s...... He rolled 2 snake eyes for the night. Both on task checks. He lost all...
  10. MarkDV

    Between Rockets & a Hard place 2 questions

    Ok 2 questions for this scenario Do Soviet units in rooftops qualify for the FANATIC bonus? What are the TH final rolls for a Stuka to hit a dug in t-70? HD plus +2 small target? Related What is the TH final roll for a Stuka to hit a dug in t-34? HD plus +1 small target? IF they are both...
  11. MarkDV

    BFP 27 Chapei Chopblock

    Played this one last night vs. Wayne Boudreaux. I was the IJA, and it was a hoot! I lost a good two thirds of my force but in turn destroyed the Chinese force to a man. He did one mistake in his setup--the Chinese guns since they are small targets CAN be in bldgs. He should have had 1...
  12. MarkDV

    Between Rockets and a Hard Place pre game

    WEll I have done a Russian setup Looks tough on both sides, but tougher on the Soviets. Like the SSR that lets the Soviets put their tanks in Rubble AND get them as tanks that are dug in. It's gonna be ugly that's for sure.......
  13. MarkDV

    ITR 2 Between Rockets & a Hard Place question

    Ok this scenario is on my next to play list.... But what the?.....expletive deleted......what bldgs on BFP B are factories? There are 2? 4 of them? FYI I won't be playing this one for...2 weeks? But wouldn't mind the answer this week?
  14. MarkDV

    Another edition of DID WE DO THIS RIGHT? CC edition

    Ok rust showing here. I am pretty sure we did it right... The scenario is from the recent ITR2, THE CAPITAL OF RUINS. I the American player get a 747 and 666 into CC with a German 447. I the attacker roll first...7. 1 dead german squad, right? The German attacks the 666 and rolls...snakes...
  15. MarkDV

    DB 130 TIGERS AND FLAMES set up question

    Ok getting ready to play this one as the Germans vs. Larry Zoet and his Russians.... The German `1a forces set up concealed in concealment terrain. Does that apply to the German forces on boards 56 & 57 as well? I think yes...but I could also see no...I'm 60/40 on this one and I'm not...
  16. MarkDV

    Movie about Rommel?

    Anyone heard of this? Going to check YOUTUBE next. Mark DV Ada, MI EDIT: Movie DOES exist. It's in German with Japanese subtitles. I think I'll wait for the German with English subtitles.
  17. MarkDV

    There's no crying in Stalingrad

    Just like there's no crying in baseball, there's no crying in Stalingrad. I played Jeff DY in SANDBANKS OF THE VOLGA today (from the last DISPATCHES) and that was his great quote before we started rolling dice. He needed it too, b/c his dice sucked. He conceded turn 4 when his last unit...
  18. MarkDV

    Another sports star/almost star failure Ok, so there are a lot of things going on here, so I'll reduce it to just a few and let others pick out things they see as interesting or pertinent. Another college sports 'star' who has failed in his financial life...
  19. MarkDV

    James Bond and the Spy Who Loved me

    Ok, so it's Saturday and THE SPY WHO LOVED ME was on.... Let's not even get into the reality of it, ok? They are fun movies and that's enough. I'm seeing James rescue a sub crew and then they blow out their way of the super tanker that had captured them....and I notice the hull number...
  20. MarkDV

    Napoleonic era movies

    Anyone know of a good Napoleonic era movie that is semi realistic? I've got 2 days of HS classes to fill with it in early March and I'll take reasonable suggestions. Otherwise, it's Natl Geographic baby.... Mark DV Ada, MI