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  1. Thunderchief


    The first dice have been rolled. Adam Lunney as the North Koreans vs Darryl Lundy as the US in ASL 208 The Grist Mill. ASLOK HAS BEGUN!
  2. Thunderchief

    Australian Spitfires over Normandy - book by an ASL player

    I'm very proud to announce that my first book will be published later this year. Ready to Strike The Spitfires and Australians of 453 (RAAF) Squadron over Normandy by Adam Lunney This cover will probably be changed a little, but you...
  3. Thunderchief

    Finnish tank museum - Parola

    My wife and I will be in Finland in July and I have found the tank museum at Parola on the web - the reviews are good - does anyone here have an opinion they'd like to share? We (or maybe just I) will be going by train. Adam
  4. Thunderchief

    Visiting Helsinki - July 2018

    My wife and I will be in Helsinki for a few days in mid-late July - can any locals share some travel/sightseeing tips? Thanks if you can, Adam thunderchief at
  5. Thunderchief

    Bloody Red Beach

    Does anyone have a VASL map setup of Bloody Red Beach that they could share? I have found a few on the net but none seem to be compatible with VASL 6.4 Many thanks, Adam
  6. Thunderchief

    ASL events

    While I like the ASL events folder - it would be nice to have a list of events in one place such as: However, this has not been updated for more than a year - is there a new listing compiled anywhere?
  7. Thunderchief

    Sweden and Denmark

    My wife is thinking of a holiday for us to Sweden and Denmark, can some locals PM me so we could have a bit of a chat about travel advice please? Adam
  8. Thunderchief

    VASL PBEMs wanted

    I've just added another column to my spreadsheet record of games played - the product that the scenario is featured in. This really showed me how many ASL products I have that have not seen much let's fix that. There are too many to list here so send me an email and we can start...
  9. Thunderchief

    OBA Question

    A stack of a Vehicle and squad manning a gun are hit by OBA, the result of which is a 1KIA. Is a RS roll made to see who takes the 1KIA or are both 1KIA'd? Normally for infantry it would be RS but the vehicle caused the disagreement - I thought it should be a RS ..... Thoughts? (I have...
  10. Thunderchief

    Dieppe 75th Anniversary

    I'm going to be in Normandy with a friend in August and we just happen to be there on the 19th, the anniversary of the Dieppe raid - will anyone else be around - we'll be driving up there to spend the day. Adam
  11. Thunderchief

    UK and Europe travel

    Hi all, I'm going to Europe this year and to the UK next year. Any maps I buy and install on my Australian-bought navigation device (navman for me) expire after a year or two. To stop wasting money on maps expiring (it's happened a few times and we plan to go back every few years) I am thinking...
  12. Thunderchief

    Wind change and smoke

    In a scenario where there is no wind some vehicle blazes exist. The next turn a mild breeze is rolled - is drifting smoke immediately placed or is it only placed in the AFPh of that turn and thereafter? Is the 'games first rally phase' mentioned in A24.61 also taken to be the first rally phase...
  13. Thunderchief

    Dug-In Tank question

    I have a scenario with two dug-in tanks ( J 159 Tropic Lightning). One has malfed it's MA then X'd it out trying to fix it - what happens to the crew? I can't find anything to see if they bail out, or are they just free to abandon it next turn (if they live through the hail of fire coming...
  14. Thunderchief

    VASL PBEM wanted

    I've just finished a game and am looking for some more. I can play pretty much anything and own most of what has been published - official and otherwise. IFT preferred. 2-3 files a week is usually my maximum volume. I've already played these scenarios this year (or am playing them at the...
  15. Thunderchief

    ROAR possibilities

    I like to look at ROAR and see how many times scenarios have been played and look at how modules compare etc, and record my games in ROAR. What I'd like to see is a function for when I look at the 'Record by Publication' perhaps all the scenarios I have played could be highlighted in green (or...
  16. Thunderchief

    VASL PBEM wanted

    I'm after a few more VASL PBEM games - I own most products and will play just about anything - max 3 boards for VASL though please to keep it manageable. Adam