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  1. chrisvalla

    Ann Coulter......How 9/11 Happened

    <<<Wow! A good conservative youngster turned to the ignorance and decadence of the liberal in college? go figure! >>> yeah, what a shame... someone went to college and expanded his horizons... what an idiot :rolleyes: what a dupe :rolleyes: what a moron :rolleyes: I guess he shoulda just gone...
  2. chrisvalla

    Discovery Wings Channel Becomes the Military Channel

    The Wings channel has gotten stale, they needed a new format. I remember watching most of the stuff on it on other channels previously and after 6 months, it was all reruns, re-formatted cut-and-paste and attaching a 'Wing over...' to everything that had already been done.
  3. chrisvalla

    Welcome to Canada, George W.Bush

    Damn right! :thumup: Having to switch production to heating oil raises gas prices... not that it has to, but it does in every oil boardroom.
  4. chrisvalla

    Welcome to Canada, George W.Bush

    No good deed goes unpunished or ignored. Just remember, you need us more than we need you... at least I'm pretty sure that's the Beltway mentality, no matter who's running the show. Some of our elected officials are better at foreign politics than others. The guy running the show right now...
  5. chrisvalla

    ACLU really IS desperate

    OK, I REALLY need to get off whatever mailing list I'm on... the ALCU needs me to defend America from itself by becoming a $35 donating card-carrying member. :stop: I wonder... was it my telling off the RNC or the DNC that got me on the list...
  6. chrisvalla

    Post Election Selection Stress

    I'm sure it's recognized as a disorder and people are suffering from it. I've got a terminal case of 'life' that I'll eventually die from too. Sucks. :laugh:
  7. chrisvalla

    What do you all make of this?

    So what happens when you cut in front of one and the crew suffers from road rage 9or just for the hell of it 'cause you forgot the signal? Do you get run over or a 25mm slug up the exhaust?
  8. chrisvalla

    You are gonna think I am a moron.

    You mean it's not the unpublished predecessor to Pong? :argh:
  9. chrisvalla

    How many not Christian faithfuls in here?

    I've always been against fox holes... I'm more an air conditioned building with satellite kinda guy. :laugh:
  10. chrisvalla

    JFK Reloaded

    Damn, I missed that tycoon game. Probably couldn't have beaten Mengles high score anyway :( I can barely play mob games. Hopefully it will be such a poor financial performer that economic Darwinism kills it off. Not likely, but at least it's not likely to get into the mainstream.
  11. chrisvalla

    How many not Christian faithfuls in here?

    That sounds believable. There are no aethists in fox holes either.
  12. chrisvalla

    JFK Reloaded

    Not high on my list...(actually, it didn't even make the list) I can think of better uses for $30.
  13. chrisvalla

    Act of War: Direct Action

    Woohoo! An A-10 screaming down the Mall plastering Congress... I mean... no, that would be bad... bad... :whist:
  14. chrisvalla

    Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile

    This is high on my list of 'must buys'... just not at full retail price.
  15. chrisvalla

    Imperial Glory

    Didn't want to load for me... I'll have to come back to it later...
  16. chrisvalla

    Compassionate Conservatism

    It's just the forlorn hope that enough outrage will be voiced one of these times to actually do some good... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :cry: I kill me sometimes.
  17. chrisvalla

    How many not Christian faithfuls in here?

    On the one hand, religion can't prove he does exist, on the other hand, science can't prove he doesn't... everything beyond that is faith... faith in the religion or faith in man (or lack thereof). Be agnostic! Don't rule out a higher being, but don't wait for miracles to be pre-ordained by...
  18. chrisvalla

    A File found on Doctor Sinister's Desk.

    The no-stick coating along the walls must have gotten wet again and he used licked suction cups. We can't seem to perfect the solution with the humidity from the croc pit. Either that or someone borrowed the gecko suit again... :hmmm:
  19. chrisvalla

    CIA not political

    Because of the political overtones, this fit better here than in the modern warfare section... “Goss also is said to be planning to replace other senior...
  20. chrisvalla

    A Rhyme for the Reds...

    Fair enough... I can keep the anti-commentary minimal that long.