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  1. Darren Kovacs

    Losing HIP status to perform concealment loss activities out of LOS of enemy units

    To perform the listed activity, they must not be HIP. ....Perry MMP This is the answer to the question I posed regarding HIP units performing concealment loss activities out of LOS with a clarification to a Perry Sez Q&A for A12.31-.32. Question and reference Perry Sez below: For...
  2. Darren Kovacs

    AFV VCA change in building - Possible cellar collapse?

    Does the Bog Check DR for a AFV VCA change within a building also entail the possible cellar collapse as with the entry Bog DR? B23.41 (Cellars) only talks about the entry of the building Bog DR. Darren
  3. Darren Kovacs

    E1.43 Loss of Cloaking - Making an attack

    1.43 LOSS: Cloaked status is lost, and replaced by its unconcealed actual contents (if any), for any situation that would cause one or more of its units to lose concealment at night (1.31; 1.72), and for making any attack other than a successful Ambush. Once removed, Cloaking counters cannot be...
  4. Darren Kovacs

    Red Barricades German entry hexes

    Just to clarify: The Germans can enter along the south edge on any hex they currently control and controlled at the beginning of the scenario date? [I have only remembered the north and west edge hexes but there being errata for some time it seems clear that they can enter along south edge too]...