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  1. DWPetros

    Exceptionally dangerous

    Americans have this 'exceptionalism' problem.. It's a dangerous problem to have anytime, but in today's political climate - especially so. Good article here about the dangers of our time - our dysfunctional political leadership, Russia, China. And about those 2 bulls who're running around in...
  2. DWPetros

    'these folks (GOP) know better' - Biden

    Do they, Joe? Joe says that the GOP has temporarily lost their way, that Trump is an 'aberration'. After years of evidence to the contrary, I'm pretty sure Joe is...
  3. DWPetros

    on Socialism

    Robert Reich posts often on the subject of our economy, inequality, democratic socialism (the kind Bernie endorses), etc. A good one today from him on the current 'Red Scare' - something that the GOP and corporate Dems trade often in...
  4. DWPetros

    I don't get why Trump is ahead..

    Reportedly, Trump's approval rating is around 45%. It's hard to be encouraged that the front running Dems (Biden, Sanders, Warren) will generate the kind of enthusiasm needed to beat this dangerous man in 2020. I sure hope I'm wrong, but this orange clown just keeps on chugging along. I...
  5. DWPetros

    Forever War

    Seems we love war here in the US. Some say its justified because of all the 'bad guys' out there who 'don't like our freedoms' that we must perpetually protect as if we're on the defensive. (which is why we call it the Department of Defense rather than the Department of War - defense sounds...
  6. DWPetros

    Mad King Donald

    An interesting article from Psychology Today: “The psychological nature of the president’s impairments is thoroughly revealed in the Mueller report. The report has...
  7. DWPetros

    War with Iran? Good read from Paul Roberts. I think he's on to something. What do you think - will it be war again?
  8. DWPetros

    About the Mainstream Media and it's inherent rot.. Very good watch - by two real journalists; Chris Hedges and Matt Taibbi who I've had the pleasure of reading for years. They're a good argument for reading instead of watching.
  9. DWPetros

    Trump - an 'aberration'?

    Biden is running for POTUS and says that Trump is an 'aberration' for our times. He means that Trump is a kind of mistaken POTUS, elected by honestly mistaken voters who didn't know what they were getting I guess. He'd like people to think that we can all return to where we were before Trump...
  10. DWPetros

    our fraudulant President

    Is it a wonder why Congressional DEMs want to see Trump's more recent taxes? The NY Times reveals what a fraud Trump has been: Stories&pgtype=Homepage Yet, people still just want to...
  11. DWPetros

    What, me worry?

    'The House Ways and Means Committee is chasing his tax returns. The Financial Services and Intelligence Committees have subpoenaed his banking records. The U.S. attorney's office in the Southern District of New York is looking into inauguration fund irregularities, and that campaign finance case...
  12. DWPetros


    I say - Yes. The Dems need to seize the moment and impeach this fool. There are lots of good reasons to pull that trigger. What are your thoughts?
  13. DWPetros

    Fighter-bombers / Sniper rules

    I have an interest in designing new Fighter-bomber rules that are more abstract than the current set of rules. The ASL rules regarding FBs seem off-base for a number of reasons already discussed here. My question - has anyone already designed FB abstract rules that resemble Sniper rules...
  14. DWPetros

    White, Western man's fear

    This recent murder spree underscores the seriousness of how unhinged a lot of white guys are getting. Here on this site - likely all if not most are white guys too, so it hits closer to home in terms of trying to figure out what the f**k. There are even a few guys here who're very unhinged...
  15. DWPetros

    A crazy man inhabits the White House We have a problem. There is a crazy man in the White House, and there a lot of people who don't seem to notice or care - and actually endorse this. This cannot end well...
  16. DWPetros

    they're coming for your hamburger

    No joking - the reactionary, imbecilic right-wingers have gathered and concluded that - the Democrats want to take your hamburgers away. My question - how exactly have Americans become so utterly, ridiculously stupid enough to actually think this, let alone believe it? I think that part of...
  17. DWPetros

    Normalizing Crazy

    These times are weird - in part because of our very weird and mentally ill President. What has struck me is how Trumps craziness seems to now have become normalized. People on TV, in conversations, ignore the obvious elephant in the room - namely that the President is fuc*ing nuts. Here's...
  18. DWPetros

    Kakazu Ridge - HASL

    All, There's discussion elsewhere on Gamesquad about our lacking a PTO HASL. I would agree. I'm very interested in helping to prepare a HASL based on the existing Kakazu Ridge map and SSR already prepared in Journal 2. KR has some great scenarios already, and was originally intended to also...
  19. DWPetros

    Geoboards - ideas wanted

    I've been sketching several new geoboard ideas and am asking - what ideas do you think would add value to our current mix of boards? I'd rather not get into the discussion of whether we need more boards - I've already concluded that we do and this post isn't designed to argue that point...
  20. DWPetros

    Draining of the Swamp

    Reportedly, the Dems introduced legislation today, H.R.1. designed to help 'drain the swamp'. Trump we remember, promised this when he was running for Pres (his success is clearly visible*), but now the Dems are actually trying to do something about it by: First, we will rein in the influence...