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  1. commissar1969

    C5.1 - Firing outside CA

    During the opponent's MPh, a T34-85 (360 degree Gun mount) changes its TCA (only) 2 hexspines in order to DFF against a target. It fires its CMG and then its MA (no ROF). Another target comes into view and in order to Intensive Fire on it, the T34-85 has to change its TCA one more hexspine. As...
  2. commissar1969

    Bounding Fire Same Tank, Separate MG Fire, Same Target

    Gentlemen: Can a Bounding Fire tank, in the same MPh, fire its (non-MA) CMG at a target, await the outcome, and then fire its (non-MA) BMG at the same target / Location? Thank you, Commie
  3. commissar1969

    Meaning of "immobilized"

    Fellow ASL Enthusiasts: Rule D 6.5 states that "Passengers/Riders [. . .] may unload from an immobilized vehicle unless that vehicle has already expended more than three-fourths of its MP allotment during the current MPh." The index defines "immobile" as "any vehicle which is Abandoned...
  4. commissar1969

    Bridge LOS and Movement

    Gentlemen: Please see illustration: Does a Unit at DD5 have an LOS to a Unit IN CC5 (i.e. under the bridge)? Why / why not? Can a Unit in DD5 Move/Advance beneath the Bridge? Why / why not? Thanks in advance! Chuck Hammond (aka "Commissar1969")
  5. commissar1969

    A24.4 Smoke Elevation

    In the unofficial Perry sez I found this: If there is Smoke in F7, is the LOS between E7 and F8 hindered by that smoke? A. Yes I don't understand why, since in F7, the Smoke is emanating from a hex whose base level of 2. Why would the fire between two level-1 hexes be affected?
  6. commissar1969

    SW Removal from Jeeps

    About to play U8 (Weissenhof Crossroads). The Americans get 2 Jeeps with 2FP AAMG's. From the Vehicle Notes: O. The AAMG is a .50-cal HMG if 4 or 6 FP, or a MMG if 2 FP—and may be Removed (D6.631) as such. When you look at D6.631, it says that Crews Abandoning can Remove the MG. But then it...
  7. commissar1969

    Does Ram Kangaroo carry BAZ?

    Citizens: I am in an argument with an opponent who maintains that the Ram Kangaroo does not carry an inherent BAZ that can be Removed by Passengers as they Unload - he claims only the Priests have it. Here are the relevant rules. Am I right that the Ram Kangaroo carries an inherent BAZ? Also -...
  8. commissar1969

    +2 ATT TH vs Hex with HIP?

    Citizens: Well, the title pretty much poses the question, albeit in abbreviated form: If I am firing a Gun, Area Target Type vs. a hex and it turns out there were HIP Units in the hex, does a retroactive +2 mod apply since HIP is a form of Concealment? Please advise. Thanks in advance...
  9. commissar1969

    Area Fire vs. Units out of LOS

    My friend and I are playing VotG. He has a Mortar in KK26. He fires at hex DD25, which only contains units in the cellar (that he cannot see). There are no other units at any other level in that hex. He rolls 1,1. The only relevant rule that I can find is: C3.33 AREA TARGET TYPE: The Area...
  10. commissar1969

    VotG Hex H36

    Hello, VotG H36 is a combination of Debris and Paved Road. Can a Gun set up Emplaced in it? Thanks, Commie
  11. commissar1969

    FFMO / FFNAM in Rout Phase?

    Gentlemen: Rule 4.6 MOVEMENT MODIFIERS (FFMO/FFNAM) states: Infantry that has moved during the MPh without using Assault (or Hazardous) Movement is subject to a -1 FFNAM DRM to all Defensive First Fire attacks against it in addition to the applicable TEM of its Location [EXC: Minefield attacks...
  12. commissar1969

    Red Barricades VC - Rubble and Stone Loc Control

    Gentlemen: My friend and I are in the middle of an RB III campaign. Today there was a Building I was attacking that was subject to an OBA attack. Several hexes of what used to be an 18-Location Building are now completely rubbled. Does that mean there are less Stone Locations, or do I still...
  13. commissar1969

    Dummy Stacks and AP Mines

    Citizens: Rule 28.1 states, in part: "The presence of a minefield is not revealed until a unit susceptible to that type of attack enters that minefield Location or an MMC discovers it by Searching." Rule 28.41 states: "Whenever a unit enters/leaves a minefield hex, the owning player must...
  14. commissar1969

    Dummy Stacks and Sewer Movement in RB

    Gentlemen: Kind of at my wit's end here. I'm the German in Stalingrad and my opponent is moving all kinds of Dummy Stacks through the Sewer and I'm obliged to chase them down, which is my attack practically infeasible. Is there ANYTHING to stop my opponent from using Dummy stacks in this way...
  15. commissar1969

    Leaders Gone Wild

    I have a broken 8-1 and a 9-2 Leader in a stack with a bunch of Crews. The 8-1 rolled snakes on his rally and a 9 on his HOB. So he is Berserk. I know he can't convince the Crews to go berserk because they are normally immune to HoB. So the only unit he can convince is the 9-2. Does he try...
  16. commissar1969

    Indirect Fire vs. Non-LOS Target

    Citizens: Can I fire my Mortar against Units to which I have no LOS? For example, if I can see the Rooftop (only) of a Building and there are no Units on that Rooftop, can I still fire at that Rooftop in the hope of causing damage to Units in the same hex (that I can't see)? If so, what (if...
  17. commissar1969

    Walls/Hedges and VBM

    In reference to checking for VBM, rule D2.3 states: "Therefore, the interior of each hexside traversed must be clear of any obstacle depiction to the depth of an edge of a unit counter for VBM to be usable. Hold a unit counter vertically so that the entire thickness of the hex-side is just...
  18. commissar1969

    Pre-Reg Fire

    Citizens, Imagine a hex that contains a Concealed enemy Unit (and nothing else in the hex or in any adjacent hexes). You have this hex Pre-Registered, and in the PFPh, you draw a black (and gain Battery Access)and you place your AR right on top of the concealed unit. Of course, you have to...
  19. commissar1969

    Correcting / Bringing Down an SR

    Gentlemen: Rule C1.341 states that a player may "replace the FFE:C counter with a SR, which he may also Correct (1.4) or leave in its present hex . . ." Now the rules make clear that if you leave the SR in its present hex you can also bring down a new FFE:1 that same fire phase. HOWEVER, if I...
  20. commissar1969

    VotG 4 Night HIP

    Citizens: A friend and I are trying to start VotG 4, a Night scenario. SSR 3 of which states: "The Germans may use HIP for < 2 Squad Equivalents" As the Scenario Defender, the German already gets to HIP 25% of his MMC (FRU). So is the 2 Squads HIP in addition to the normally allotted Night...