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  1. jrv

    "As Luck Would Have It" SSR 2 foxholes as rout and rally terrain

    SSR2 "A Foxhole is treated as a building for Rout (A10.5) and Rally (A10.61) purposes." Does the broken unit have to be under ("in") the Foxhole to claim the rally benefit, or is just being in a hex with a Foxhole sufficient? If a unit can reach a Foxhole hex in exactly six MF and so cannot...
  2. jrv

    MOL-P & Case K

    Yes. ....Perry MMP
  3. jrv

    Missing Counter Series: TCA markers with change DRM

    When TCA changes for one weapon as it fires in the PFPh, enemy MPh & DFPh, and AFPh, the TCA change DRM applies to that attack (of course), but also the TCA DRM still potentially applies to other turret mounted weapons. The players have to remember which vehicles have changed their TCA and how...
  4. jrv

    Concealed stack relinquishing WA

    Yes. B9.324: "and the opposing side must then momentarily reveal one non-dummy unit or forfeit WA" "reveal one non-dummy unit" or "forfeit WA" - i.e., a choice of what to do. Yes. Since B9.323 MANDATORY WA has an EXC for B9.324 No. No, since per B9.322: "A Pinned, TI, or Immobile unit...
  5. jrv

    RO5 Men of Steel VC

    VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Germans win at game end by Controlling ≥ 50 more stone building/rubble Locations than they lost (or started with if they lost none). If I read this right, if the Germans lose one Location, they have to control fifty-one stone building/rubble Locations at game end. Given...
  6. jrv

    Missing Counter Series: IPM Exempt

    The CPVA squads and halfsquads must either use Infantry Platoon Movement, be exempt from IPM, or take an IPM TC. The list of IPM exemptions is longer than the list of exemptions for avoiding the Viet Nam era draft. It is fairly common that no unit has to use IPM, at least so far in my...
  7. jrv

    Do berserk units ELR?

    A berserk squad or a berserk leader is attacked and suffers some level of MC, then rolls a final DR higher than its ELR. Per A15.42 it does not break, of course. However per A19.1 the ELR "represents the maximum amount by which an unbroken squad/HS/leader may fail any MC (after modification)...
  8. jrv

    Maintain ROF then pinned

    A unit fires a SW HMG during the PFPh and maintains ROF. After the attack the unit is pinned (perhaps a SAN). Can it fire the SW HMG again (at half firepower)? Or would it be using a Multiple ROF, something that is forbidden for a pinned unit [A7.81]? Yes. No. ....Perry MMP
  9. jrv

    Missing conflict series

    Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) JR
  10. jrv

    Residual on VTT TH/TK?

    Does a VTT TH/TK shot leave residual if it is made with HE or HEAT ammunition or MG? Obviously per A8.25, a hit needs to be made in order to leave residual. JR
  11. jrv

    Missing Nahverteidigungswaffe series: The Centurion Mk 3

    From Osprey's New Vanguard 68, Centurion Universal Tank 1943-2003 the loader also served the 2-inch Bombthrower Mk 2 locate in the turret roof beside his periscope. This weapon fired HE, White Phosphorus (WP) and illuminating flares out to a range of approximately 300 yards. It was designed to...
  12. jrv

    Using gyro-stabilized CMGs

    This is a how-to, not a question. In "Centurions Reverse!" the BCFK have four Centurion IIIs. If you read the vehicle notes you will find they are gyro-stabilized always, despite not having a "G" printed on the counter. Gyro-stabilizers help the main gun, and they also help the CMG. The...
  13. jrv

    ROF without a weapon

    On the "Centurions Reverse!" scenario the British get a halftrack that has a ROF of 1 but the halftrack has no weapon. Does this ROF apply to the Passengers? JR
  14. jrv

    Daisy chain counter: is there such a thing?

    B28.531 refers to daisy chain counters. Is there such a counter? The picture next to B28.531 shows an ordinary A-T Mine, suggesting that there is no special counter for daisy chains. I can't recall having seen a special counter for them. JR
  15. jrv

    Sewer Movement TC mechanics

    The stack is formed first. The other units can break off. No. ....Perry MMP
  16. jrv

    DFF by aircraft vs moving and non-moving units

    No Yes. Yes. ....Perry MMP
  17. jrv

    New counters in Red Factories!

    If they had told me about these beauties I would have ordered six or eight copies! JR
  18. jrv

    Into the Rubble 2 counters

    I am putting away the 1/2 inch Into the Rubble 2 counters. Is it correct that the Polish .50 caliber MGs are replacements and all the rest are new counters? JR
  19. jrv

    Stuka Pinning #2

    A concealed Infantry unit is moving in Open Ground. A Stuka takes and passes a Sighting Task Check for a point attack, treating the unit as unconcealed [E7.3]. Q&A suggest that the initial MG attack also does not treat the unit as concealed, i.e. it is at four FP. The attack has no effect, and...
  20. jrv

    RO1 German balance provision

    The Germans set up area consists of three hex rows. Per SSR 2, a maximum of 12 counters may set up per hex row. meaning the Germans can set up at most thirty-six counters in those three hex rows. The printed German OB (prior to any deployment) of the German onboard OB consists of thirty-four...