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    Introduce Yourself!

    Nemo, my old nemesis. How's life?
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    EA by turn 354

    300+ turns and thousands of squads for a single hex, Douglas Haig would be proud :laugh:
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    Old member returning...

    Some might know me, former forum youngster (i probably still am at 26 years of age). TOAW player since my early teens, ex- photography student, currently finishing a college degree in HRM. In my spare time i play Rugby or work as a volunteer lighting technician at a local venue.
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    EA opponent wanted

    Hi there, Who's game for a game of Europe Aflame? Cheers, Jan/ Screamer
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    A bridge too far 44 Telumar vs. Nemo

    well, living in schijndel, born in sint oedenrode, trying to move to s' hertogenbosch and right now in dommelen.... they should all be on the map
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    A bridge too far 44 Telumar vs. Nemo

    tssss, they always manage to write nijnsel wrong.... nijnsel NOT neinsel :p anyway, nice reading
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    1914-1918 - Piero vs. Nemo

    im just afraid of losses... ill starve my enemy out let them eat their own shoes before i risk my men in an assault
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    1914-1918 - Piero vs. Nemo

    nemo always attacks attacks attacks and attacks... he would even forget to defend anything as he refuses to lose the initiative. i cant stand up against that with my very cautious playing style.
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    1914-1918 - Piero vs. Nemo

    im thinking about getting back to ACOW, again playing single player games.. not to mention the DNO multi which i still loyally play, i just couldnt abbandon my minors by the way, what the hell happend to WHQ!? i havent been here/there for about a year and it comes as a shock. :nervous:
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    1914-1918 - Piero vs. Nemo

    you guys arent playing piero's version of the scenario... are you!? i tried it once, loved it but i think my opponent died of old age before we even reached 1915. hi guys, im back
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    Half-Life 2

    sound card broke down...and i lack the money to buy a new one...
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    Events after nov 2nd van gogh killing

    all i have are [dutch] news links
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    Events after nov 2nd van gogh killing

    the last real extreme right party we had was the CD but they have been out of parlement and disbanded since 1998 iirc its just that the skins need someone to follow.
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    Events after nov 2nd van gogh killing

    its really a downward spiral....and the ultra right wing ists now have a new leader...and now stand at 19 out of 150 seats in parlement....luckily tehir new frontman..who stepped out of the liberal right party VVD a couple of months ago is calling on his followers to ease down and...
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    Events after nov 2nd van gogh killing

    nov.2 Theovangogh killed in Amsterdam, killer caught nov.3 eight more suspects caught, some of em have links or are in the group of 150 extremists constantly monitored by the intelligence service. killer also linked with one of the 150. nov.3 Vice president Gerrit Zalm declares war on...
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    2nd Battle of France / Opération Lion de Mer 2004

    dunno if i can be in testing again........kicked wolf's ass list time:D
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    DnO Multiplayer Sign-up

    i passed em yesterday...but to mensch as i didnt know tiberius his email...i did ask mensch to pass it on
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    Post Pics Of Your Workspace!

    so wich of those desks is yours?
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    DnO Multiplayer Sign-up

    ill get it done tomorrow...and only minimized attacks ;)
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    What should be done about Iran?

    easyer said than done...