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  1. Carln0130

    Dug In Tank and TEM

    Against Direct Fire, may a Dug In Tank from D9.5, claim TEM vs direct fire shots? Not referring to hindrances or any of that, just TEM. Thanks in advance.
  2. Carln0130

    Pinned unit creating a Leader in CC

    This came up on FB just now and I was sure the leader would share the status of the unit, in this case, pinned. I can't find anything to back it or deny it. Is anyone aware of any Q&A on this, or of a rule I am missing. Thanks in advance. Carl
  3. Carln0130

    VASL Desert League Round 1 Matchups

    Gentlemen, Please see the pairings below. Accompanying emails have been sent out. Enjoy. Please do inform me of what scenarios you choose, who is playing which side and any balances you select. I report the games to ROAR. Thanks, Carl Round 1 Pairings 01/16/2019-04/30/2019 James...
  4. Carln0130

    VASL Night League Round One Matchups

    Ok folks, here are the first round matchups. An accompanying email has already been sent out. Gentlemen, please inform me of the scenarios you have selected to play, the sides the tow players are playing and if there is any balance as I do report these to ROAR. Thanks and enjoy. Round 1...
  5. Carln0130

    Openings in the Live VASL Leagues for Desert and Night

    Hello Gentlemen ( and occasional lady), There are still a couple of openings in the Live VASL League for Night and a few for the Desert. These leagues are four rounds, three to four month rounds, depending on time of year, and are live VASL, so no PBEM unless agreed on by both players...
  6. Carln0130

    2019-2020 Deluxe VASL League

    Folks, we have reached the number we need at 16 players. I will be probably too busy to post the match ups until the weekend. If I get a window I will post them sooner. This leaves only the night and desert leagues still looking for recruits. Thanks, Carl
  7. Carln0130

    VASL PTO League 2019 1st Round Matchups

    Gentlemen, You have all received emails with the matchup info below. If you did not get that email, please email me or contact me through IM here and we will figure out what went wrong. All is explained in the email, so good luck and good gaming. Enjoy. Carl PTO Round 1 January 4th...
  8. Carln0130

    To the Desert, Deluxe and Night VASL League Winners & Runners Up

    Guys, Still waiting on the Para League to finish it's final match. I can't process the prizes until all is complete. It will be one shipment when done and it is all being garnered from the same place. Also, the prizes are being taylored to the winners, so we wait. Just didn't want you to...
  9. Carln0130

    Looking for Andrew Hershey

    Andrew, There is a gent named Kevin Conley who has some St. Nazzairre questions for you on the ASL Facebook pages on Facebook. Just a heads up. Hope you are well, Carl
  10. Carln0130

    Dinant Scenario Playtesters sought VASL only

    As it says. Looking to have a scenario playtested for Dinant using VASL. This is a medium sized scenario. Looking for experienced players only please. No slight against new guys, but this one is in need of some tweaking and it would be asking a lot to get what we are looking for out of a new...
  11. Carln0130

    MoFo at Nor'Easter Call for Recruits

    Ok guys, posting this here as we are looking for three recruits for the Big MoFo "Mini" tournament at the Noreaster. Full details here. See also below. The scenario list is particularly compelling this year I thought, but then, I am a little...
  12. Carln0130

    Large Scenario Mini Tournament at the Nor'Easter 4/5-4/8

    Gentlemen, As is the case every year, four maniacs, er, players, venture forth to play a 2 round, four day event at the Nor'easter called The Big MoFo, or just the MoFo, for short. This mini-tourney, features very large scenarios that need to be played over more than one day...
  13. Carln0130

    WaterFoul HS17

    Hello, is there a VASL map done up for this scenario? It is the one where the playing board is OC03 overlay and Sand Dunes and Building overlays are placed on it to make the map.
  14. Carln0130

    Nor'Easter 2018 Main Scenario List Posted

    Nor'easter XXII: April 5th - April 8th 2018 The leaves have not even started to turn yet here in the northern hemisphere but it is time to announce Nor'easter XXII! (Bullsh*t, there is hardly a leave to be found, unless you look in my backyard of course). Nor'easter XXII will happen a little...
  15. Carln0130

    LOS Question

    Gentlemen, please see the attached image and opine as to whether you think the LOS from S6 to V7 is clear. Please cite the rules to justify your opinion. Thanks guys.
  16. Carln0130

    Board 64 Hex K7. What is This?

    This hex contains a round symbol, of the sort you see for a tower or a storage tank. However, it does not have a Square Stairway Symbol, like a tower in the rules should have and storage tanks are only in RB. Soooooooooooooo, what is that thing? I am guessing that the stairway symbol belongs...
  17. Carln0130

    Poll on Preference of event type

    How many of the people on this forum, who play SK only, would be interested in attending a tournament that has an SK only component as a part of it's tournament? This has been getting asked of late on the YASL site and I was hoping to garner some feedback here. Some questions below. If you could...
  18. Carln0130

    Map V PTO Transformation issue

    Hi guys, Apologies if this is a known issue, but map V will not convert Orchards to Palm Trees in 6.41. Tried it a couple of different ways. Thanks, Carl
  19. Carln0130

    Should MMP pursue ASL designs out of the 9/1/39-9/1/45 WW2 Time frame?

    As the Subject line says. Also, if you are of a mind that MMP designs should be pursued outside of the traditional time frames thought of as WW2, which ones would you consider appropriate? If you voted yes for designs outside of WW2's standard time-frame, please indicate which additional time...
  20. Carln0130

    VASL 6.4 Minor error report

    Guys, I was playing a PTO scenario recently. When I tried to right click CX, Japanese SMC, (only) I would get two CX counters instead of one. Is this a known issue? Does anyone else have that happening? Thanks, Carl