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  1. Kevin Kenneally

    Are you sick of Korea already?

    I'm calling PETA... You guys are krewl towards Lizards... Now if it were a "Gecko"... Yeah, you'd be justified in abusing that li'l "mouthy" B@ss-t*rd....
  2. Kevin Kenneally

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Got two "Shipped" emails from MMP about a week apart. SK4 still is "En-route" to my location. They must have used the "Pony Express" to get it from the Mississippi River to Central Texas....
  3. Kevin Kenneally

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    And this guy is someone to listen too? So when did you go over to the "Dark Side" Mr. "von Garvin"? When the US of A "Booted" you out of the "Swamp"?
  4. Kevin Kenneally

    BG Counters 23: KV1M39 753(r), KV1M41 753(r), KV1M42 753(r), Pz KV1E 755(r) & PzKV1S, Pz KV2 754(r), & StuG SU122(r)

    Dave Childs is still "miffed" about this one.... I bought a BVv3 when I was in Virginia and noticed it on the counter. Asked the same question and Dave gave me a good laugh in a PM.
  5. Kevin Kenneally

    So what is the next HASL from MMP going to be?

    Bryan, It is so terrible that the amount of money spent and the product has some issues.... But then again, once you get into Stalingrad, "You can never leave".... (I thought I heard this in a song before) ASL is the next greatest epidemic that plagues the world... The Opioid epidemic is the...
  6. Kevin Kenneally

    I am converted

    I was wondering when this "ASL Clipping Guru" would reply....
  7. Kevin Kenneally

    Modules Stuck on the P# Listing

    If you order from a Game Store or a Distributor in Europe. MMP does count those orders at a different number. But so long as you can continue to buy ASL products that MMP produces, then our "Hobby" will continue to live. Thanks to all that have ordered and for those that are awaiting a...
  8. Kevin Kenneally

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    FTC9 from the "ASL Quartermaster" (aka, Alex Keys).
  9. Kevin Kenneally

    Modules Stuck on the P# Listing

    Come one, Come all.... Invest in the newest reprints of the current modules: For King & Country... (The Commonwealth OoB)... Deluxe Map reprint.... (40 scenarios included...) Supplemental Map pack (Picking up where the original ASL Map Bundle left off, this bundle features 40 maps: 53-77...
  10. Kevin Kenneally

    2019 Texas Team Tournament, June 20-23, Austin, TX

    Rick, I tried to register by the Texas-asl website, but the Paypal crt was empty when I went to pay. Is there a "glich?" Or is it me?
  11. Kevin Kenneally

    Clearing The Breskens Pocket with a doubled OOB anybody?

    I believe the "Way back Time machine" app is the only way you might be able to access the old CFG portal.
  12. Kevin Kenneally

    New Geo map at next ASLOK

    Just more ASL Real Estate to purchase... I'll be an "ASL Land Baron" by the time I retire.....
  13. Kevin Kenneally

    Dispatches April 2019 Update

    Vic, Get healthy and enjoy the Spring Awakening! We can be patient until the 31st of September (I know there are only 30 days in September).
  14. Kevin Kenneally

    ASLSK PTO status?

    Has anyone got a status for this yet?
  15. Kevin Kenneally

    So what is the next HASL from MMP going to be?

    Or winning the Lottery/PowerBall.
  16. Kevin Kenneally

    What sort of vehicle notes do you prefer?

    Vinnie, If you could collaborate with Alan and produce the Chapter H notes for his vehicle counters, it would help out immensely.
  17. Kevin Kenneally

    Croix de Guerre and Hollow Legions question

    Or we can bring it to the 21st Century with "Hands-up, Don't Shoot".
  18. Kevin Kenneally

    Great Customer Service

    She needs a "Bonus" for this year. She has kept us very pleased with her work over many years... As for that Brian character..... He should keep his Day job.....
  19. Kevin Kenneally

    Data on how awful two-tone counters are and how to phase them out

    I made this offer about the Black SS counters by MMP and I will make it about the TTCs. If you do not want your TTCs (or Black SS counters), I will gladly accept them, no questions asked!
  20. Kevin Kenneally

    why so high?

    I heard of a Plt Ldr in 1st Tank at Camp Casey Korea practicing crew evacuation drills at Rodriguez Range in the spring of 1994. His driver was crawling out of the Driver Station when the Plt Ldr traversed the turret over the right side of the vehicle, tearing the driver in half. The Plt Ldr...