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    Ben's work

    Quoted from Ben Turner: "Here we go. I've essentially done the whole OOB. What remains to be done: Someone needs to contact Mark Stevens (I don't have his E-mail) or some other enterprising young soul and get me a copy of the latest version of EA with all the Eastern Crusade events...
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    1.8h - AWOL

    Checked archive (again) and definately not there, just doc zip.
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    Unit display - attack/defence

    I have read somewhere on this forum how to change units so that the attack and defence strengths go from like 4/5 to 14/16, I think Ben Turner posted on how to do it. Does anyone know of the thread I am waffling about ?
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    OOB's 1989/1990

    I am searching for any OOB's for 1989/1990. I have NATO and Warsaw Pact and both the Korea's. Searching for rest of world. Countries like Cuba, Vietnam, Australia, China and Angola. Basically any of the possible combatants in a NATO/Pact WWIII. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I...
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    World map ???

    To date I have found only one TOAW map depicting the entire Earth, not a very good one unfortunately. Anyone know where I can find one ?
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    Europe/Asia vrs USA scenario

    Any hypo's showing Europe/Asia vrs USA....?
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    US Army resources

    I am looking for information about US divisions that were formed in the US during WWII, divisions that actually did not leave continental US. Can anyone point me in the right direction ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Possible methods of stopping cheating

    It has come to my attention through dodgy opponents (not on this forum) that there is opportunity to mildy cheat when playing PBEM games. The first, and most obvious, method is the replaying of turns. Is there any way to check this does not happen ? Secondly, and more cunning, is swithing the...