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  1. Khill

    CtR-10 Par for the Course

    CtR-10 Par for the Course was brutal for Fanatic TW's IJA. played on the southeast corner of the BFP Corregidor map, the IJA have to get one more (building/rubble) VP than the Americans after 7.5 turns. there are a ton of J's! 10 squads with a bunch of SW's enter turn one in a restricted area...
  2. Khill

    DTF-4 Death To Fascism

    DTF-4 Death To Fascism got at least three playings at Albany. Michael and Paul have AAR's here. It is an interesting scenario with some tough choices for both sides; from the awesome new Death To Fascism Pack. I would be interested in more discussion of this scenario and hearing from some...
  3. Khill

    Dropping Topside YASL#10

    Dropping Topside was a wild a wooly fight for Corregidor at the end of the war. finally got to try this one at the Tussle v Sean D. we diced for sides an I got the IJA. I started whinging straightway. I think the IJA are a bit light. yes, historical and such but it makes for tough sledding...
  4. Khill

    DB122 Prescription For Kommissar

    Fanatic TW and I played DB122 Prescription For The Kommissar. It is always tough fighting in Stalingrad. This scenario is in Round 2 of the Noreaster Tournament this year. ROAR has this one at 5:5. We diced for sided and I got the germans. It seemed a bit big for tourney: might want to get...
  5. Khill


    Just wondering if anyone has seen Kreta, (the HOB Crete module) on their doorstep yet?