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  1. Fiedler

    American M3 halftrack, inherent squad

    NRBH. Is the passenger squad inherent or should it be placed on map as passenger? /S
  2. Fiedler

    DCs and berserkers

    Hi can a berserker throw DC into an adjacent hex in their adv fire phase if they are in the same location as known enemy units?
  3. Fiedler

    Does it matter on which hexside the wall is for LOS purposes?

    Hi LOS crosses the wall at G17/G18 hexside, can a target in F16 be seen? see this picture: /S
  4. Fiedler

    Going to London (UK) tomorrow - any good places to pick up ASL stuff?

    Heading says it all?
  5. Fiedler


    Hi A building is rubbled by bombardment, Is a AFV in the building location dead or stunned? /S
  6. Fiedler

    Los AA13 to BB9 on Hatten map over Hillock Hatten CG

    LOS EXISTS? Got answer from Perry: LOS exists.
  7. Fiedler

    CG PBEM or possibly large scen..

    If you are interested in doing a CG over PBEM PM me. Occasional live sessions possible at times. Done 10 CGs on PBEM (4*FB, 2*RB, 2*Edsons Ridge 1*Achtung Panzer 1*PT of Königsberg). Daily logs or close to it. Central European Timezone
  8. Fiedler

    CC recapture of abandoned Tank

    What prohibits a crew that failed its immob TC to recapture the abandoned AFV in the CC phase, in the same turn the AFV was evacuated ? No enemy in same loc as abandoned AFV I have a vague feeling something stops them but cant find what..
  9. Fiedler

    Smoke dispensers with Immobilized AFV?

    Can immobilize AFV use Smoke dispenser in MPH? (In this case NahVerteidungswaffe) D8.1 IMMOBILIZATION: An immobilized vehicle cannot expend a Start MP.. AND D13.2 USAGE: An AFV may attempt to dispense smoke once per Player Turn during the MPh - but only if that AFV is not Abandoned, its crew is...
  10. Fiedler

    WP NMC

    Hi WP, regardless of origin, forces units in the hex to take a NMC? I.e WP placed from a mortar, OBA or infantry grenades does not differ in this aspect? /S
  11. Fiedler

    Moving Crews in Hatten

    No to both. ....Perry MMP On October 9, 2018 at 8:36 AM Stefan Fiedler <stefan@xxx,xx> wrote: Hi 1, May a armor leader shift from his original vehiicle to another during refit phase? 2. May a surviving crew that survived a wreck creation replace the crew of another vehicle. If so...
  12. Fiedler

    Hatten CG1 in pictures

    Hi All, Played the first day of Hatten in Flames, CG1 against Bruce Shields as the Nazi pigs. Great fun! Was played on VASl and I took a number of screen dumps during play. You can find them here;: Dropbox link
  13. Fiedler

    Japanese (ordinary) heroes

    Can they banzai charge? Can they initiate BAnzai cahrge of their own G1.5 ...."A leader must participate in each Banzai Charge that includes ≥ one MMC. [EXC to all: a T-H Hero who is created (or voluntarily loses HIP) in a Japanese MPh must make his own Banzai Charge as per 1.423]."... A single...
  14. Fiedler

    Armored assault and HIP Baz team

    Armored Assault moves into a orchard where a HIP enemy MMC is located. Infantry bounce, Tank enters and the enemy may fire his BAZ before the AFV may? Correct? Rule ref?
  15. Fiedler

    Hatten - re fit

    Can crew be shifted between AFVs during refit. I would prefer my armor leader in the 251/21 instead :-)
  16. Fiedler

    Confused in Hatten aka EmRR chaos

    Is an AFV behind EmRR hulldown? /S
  17. Fiedler

    Ground snow - extra mf cost applies for halftracks?

    E3.724 VEHICULAR MOVEMENT: The minimum Road Entry MP cost in Ground Snow is one MP—not 1/2 . All non-tracked vehicles [EXC: sledges] must expend one extra MP (or MF) per hexside crossed/bypassed. Both effects apply even on plowed roads. I,e are halftracks tracked or not?
  18. Fiedler


    Got an reply from Perry regarding this discussion: Bypass <---- LINK Reply & Q: Yes. ....Perry MMP On July 25, 2018 at 11:35 AM Stefan Fiedler <> wrote: Hi Consider this picture of board 3a: Can a unit in D3 bypass E4 on the D4/E5 side to F4?
  19. Fiedler

    Bombardment c1.82 - Reveal HIP

    Hi I have always thought that HIPs are revealed due to bombardment MC. This sentence was, however, brought up by my opponent:"Hidden/concealed Personnel that break or become pinned must be completely revealed regardless of enemy LOS (thus eliminating a Dummy stack)". I am arguing that this...
  20. Fiedler

    DC hero

    1. Yes. 2. 4MF. 3. No. The parent MMC conducting a Banzai Charge does not have a "target". ....Perry MMP On February 5, 2018 at 11:33 AM Stefan Fiedler <> wrote: Hi A japanese Sq has spent 4MFs in a BAnzai charge during Mph. 1, Can this MMC atempt to create a DC Hero? 2...