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  1. ireland94

    VASL Overlay Rv1 vertical orientation?

    I am trying to do a vertical orientation of overlay Rv1 with VASL. My VASL map setup is row 1 - Board 04 flipped, row 2 - Board 16 not flipped I want the overlay to appear vertical such that Board 04 covers hex row e and hex row f, continuing down Board 16 hex row cc and hex row bb but I keep...
  2. ireland94

    Lone Canuck Anzio 1944 Pack VASL

    I have just received my Lone Canuck Anzio 1944 Pack the covers the exploits of the First Special Service Force, FSSF (aka Devil's Brigade). However, several new counters have been introduced with the pack. Is someone working on a VASL extension to support these new counters?
  3. ireland94

    If you are looking for a teacher for ASL

    If you are a new player or a player with long unused neurons, i mentor/teach ASL using the Starter Kit sequence. Contract me via email at I will need your first and last name (makes Microsoft Outlook happier) and your time zone. I live in Dallas, Texas, USA and my...
  4. ireland94

    Identification of Pajis Counters when setting them up HIP

    Identification of Panjis Counters when setting them up HIP I suspect there is a solution for this problem, but the search capabilities of the GameSquad site leave much to be desired. G9.1-2 suggests that HIP Panji Counters should be identified A, B, etc. so that a separate "delayed" note can...
  5. ireland94

    S43 Clearing Carentan - 2 versions published

    Are Erlandsen and I have found an odd issue with this scenario published by MMP and in the Beyond the Beaches ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1. Comparing our two copies we found the my version clearly indicates 2 German LMGs, while his version clearly indicates one German LMG. Stated another way...
  6. ireland94

    Differences for 37L gun between SK2 and SKEP

    I have been preparing individual nationality Starter Kit To Hit Charts. For example: 1) Starter Kit German To Hit Chart 2) Starter Kit Russian To Hit Chart 3) Starter Kit American To Hit Chart 4) Starter Kit British To Hit Chart 5) Starter Kit Italian To Hit Chart 6) Starter Kit Axis...
  7. ireland94

    New JAVA 7 does not play coirrectly with VASL 5.9.2

    This morning, Oracle (guardians of JAVA) send me an email that the new JAVA 7 was available. Being a software developer, I download the latest. So when I tried to load a VASL game - NO MAP came up. Scratching my head, the light bulb goes off, of course I loaded a new JAVA today. I...
  8. ireland94

    Uploaded v2dot8 of S2, S10, and S11

    v2dot8 updates for S2 War of the Rats S10 Paper Army S11 A Long Way To Go
  9. ireland94

    v2dot7 f all MMP Starter Kit Scenario Enhanced Setups Have Been Upload

    I finally completed the v2.7 enhanced setups of all the MMP published scenarios. They have been uploaded. They are organized by MMP release: Starter Kit 1 Starter Kit 2 Starter Kit 3 Starter Kit Bonus Pack 1 Starter Kit Expansion Pack 1 Starter Kit Other MMP (website, Operations, Special...
  10. ireland94

    Range of FT tank

    I have been told that the range of a FT Crocodile (A25 Cold Crocodiles) is 2 hexes with a 1/2 FP at a range of 3 hexes. However, I can find no reference for this. Does any one have an official reference that gives a 3 hex range of 1/2 FP?
  11. ireland94

    v2dot6 of Starter Kit scenarios 1-8 and Expansion Pack #1 scenarios 44-51

    I have uploaded two sets of v2dot6 of Starter Kit scenarios. 1) Release of 1-8, upgraded is new counters for SQ/HS and HOB 2) Initial release of 44-51 from Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1 The remaining Starter Kit scenarios will soon be upgraded from v2dot5 to v2dot6
  12. ireland94

    Map r problem when building setup

    I have an odd problem, first the particulars - Windows-7 64bit - VASSAL 3.1.15 - VASL 5.9.2 - Most recent board r (downloaded today) - Trying to build Starter Kit setup for S44 (You do not need to be doing SK, just trying to use board r Steps followed: - Start new game (no board...
  13. ireland94

    VASL "INFO" not always displaying "Scenario Information" "Notes"

    I have noticed that the "Notes" section of the "Scenario Information" window does not display the information if you load the game from with an online session. The "Notes" text appears if you start VASL then view the same game offline. "Notes" is the public portion of the "Scenario...
  14. ireland94

    Enhanced Starter Kit VASL Scenario Setups

    I have uploaded a zip file containing enhanced VASL setup files for Starter Kits. The scenarios are 1-32 and 41-43. See the download description for details of the enhancements.
  15. ireland94

    Color coded Close Combat Table Odds Ratio - NO MATH REQUIRED from 1;1 to 50:30
  16. ireland94

    New color coded Close Combat Table Odds Ration - NO math required from 1:1 to 50:30