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  1. zgrose

    Why I really have a hard time taking global doomsday from climate change seriously

    I believe the article can be summarized as "click bait journalism and activist sensationalism creates more bad than good." I agree. I'll take policy based on reason over those based on knee-jerk reactions any day of the week. The 5 second news cycle that the Internet gave us makes that a...
  2. zgrose

    Lock your rooms!

    Must be time for a new version number so the trolls end up playing with all the old timers instead.
  3. zgrose

    Hatten Armour Leader vehicle swapping not allowed in refit.

    Not sure I've ever tried moving armor leaders around but as a mostly VASL player yes that is how I've played it. e.g. THIS tank has THIS Armor Leader on it.
  4. zgrose

    How does one code a pic into VASL using dropbox

    Dropbox exited the image hosting business. You can try the instructions here but I didn't have much luck with the redirect and VASSAL's HTML support. YMMV.
  5. zgrose

    Entrenched behind a Low Seawall

    Actually, I think I found it? G13.622 says the the wall doesn’t block LOS and I presume that is meant to be an override mentioned in G13.62. Exception being entrenched in a Beach hex.
  6. zgrose

    Entrenched behind a Low Seawall

    Can a unit in a Trench behind a Low Seawall see non adjacent hexes past that wall? I think myself, and some others, imagined the Low Seawall like a small Cliff but I’m not finding the rule to support that. Could be looking in the wrong place. Taken from Facebook post about AP101 playing.
  7. zgrose

    Random Selection--light to dark dice arrangement

    It's not the colors, it's the order. I can imagine the French might go Blue, White, Red assuming they have a phrase similar to "the red, white, and blue"? Dunno enough French lingo. I always forget the middle color, and usually only remember the first color when someone grabs any ol' dice and...
  8. zgrose

    Driverless farm tractors are here... and working well

    There are thousands of them sitting in cages right now. ;)
  9. zgrose

    Random Selection--light to dark dice arrangement

    I like Red, White, Blue because it's easy for Americans to remember the order.
  10. zgrose

    Driverless farm tractors are here... and working well

    Fair enough. I meant desirable models. :)
  11. zgrose

    Driverless farm tractors are here... and working well

    Most people would work, at something. Some might be painters, musicians, etc. The current economy is already not a zero-sum game. I'm sure I speak for Paul when I say we're open to competing ideas. Basic Income seems the main player on the block. Have you heard of any others?
  12. zgrose

    Driverless farm tractors are here... and working well

    Well, I think you summarized the most obvious answer in your followup. I'm not sure Basic Income is the best option, but I haven't heard of anything better yet.
  13. zgrose

    The British European Referendum

    Authoritarian regimes and Trump go hand in hand, you’re backing the wrong horse if you’re trying to get to Liberty. But move this to a relevant thread.
  14. zgrose

    Routing towards the enemy

    Yes. I was explaining to the other person why out of LOS hexes are perfectly reasonable rout targets even in a reality argument context.
  15. zgrose

    The British European Referendum

    50K candidates! Dang! Do you guys have like multiple candidates from the same party running for a seat because that averages to > 1.8K candidates per country? Or are there just a lot of individuals/groups vying for particular seats but 1 from each organization?
  16. zgrose

    Cannot Create this Map

    To expand on von Marwitz, I found this was a more natural way to layout. I also haven't cropped yet since I didn't install VASL with the crop bug fixed yet.
  17. zgrose

    Making the road that goes off the map.

    Have you * seen * the roads on those Pacific islands... :)
  18. zgrose

    5G thoughts

    Since it’s been framed as a national emergency, figured this might be an interesting opinion piece to get any discussion going.
  19. zgrose

    The British European Referendum

    Ah, so to paraphrase, the idea is that NoDeal would be more detrimental to the EU than the UK and that the EU would want to cut a special deal to avoid that pain. Since the EU already has lots of special deals with other countries and the UK (presumably) rejected a similar arrangement to them...
  20. zgrose

    The British European Referendum

    Can someone give me the high-level talking points on why the EU would feel forced to offer a good deal? What's the EU got to lose by letting a No-Deal-Brexit happen?