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  1. Dave68124

    Happy New Year and New Year's Resolution

    First of all, Happy New Year's all. With a new year, those pesky, oft to be broken, New Year's resolutions come up. For me, it is time to de-clutter and seek out positive interactions. This is no place for either. I doubt I will be missed by many - meh - troll on. I would like to Thank Don...
  2. Dave68124

    SNL Skit on Trump is hilarious

    Watch until the very end. Best line of the whole skit.
  3. Dave68124

    France the highest taxed country in the World according to OECD

    Given the tax protests over the last few days in France, apparently even the French people are saying enough is enough. Cannot tax your way to prosperity.
  4. Dave68124

    Welcome to the Liberal Echo Chamber

    Facts Optional. Intellectual honesty forbidden. Telling each other how pretty they are required. Dissenting views shall not be tolerated.
  5. Dave68124

    Breaking News - WaPo faults Trump for Hurricane Florence.

    The religious zealots of Global Warming are at it again. Obvious it is the man's fault, because he controls the weather - oh wait that's not right. It will be the first recorded Hurricane EVER to hit the Carolina's - oh wait that's not right either. Due to Global Warming we will have record...
  6. Dave68124

    Boarding Fire VASL boards crashing VASL

    Is there another place to download Bounding Fire boards? The link the in map bazaar is broke. Downloaded the boards from the BF website, but when I pull it up, VASL crashes. I don't have any issues with MMP boards. Running 6.3.3 version of VASL. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated...
  7. Dave68124

    LeBron takes on Trump

    LeBron James has a point - sports should unify people v. divide them. Unfortunately he goes on to shit all over his argument when he would refuse to sit down with Trump. Not sure I understand how you can complain that someone is divisive on one hand yet then refuse to try to find common ground...
  8. Dave68124

    American Factory Town, once Solidly Blue, Are Now a GOP Haven.

    Wonder if the Russians got Hillary to call these people deplorable or if she did that all on here own? Control of Congress may rest on manufacturing centric districts...
  9. Dave68124

    EU setting up their own detention centers now.

    Wonder if Paul will be concerned about the North Africa heat? I doubt it....
  10. Dave68124

    Justice Kennedy retiring

    There goes the next moderate on the Court. This will become a complete circus. When the Reps stonewalled Obama, the Dems cried for months about wanting a vote, etc., etc. That script is out and they will be stonewalling the Reps on a nominee until after the mid-terms and Reps will do an equal...
  11. Dave68124

    Left's version of the Tea Party is arising Looks like the ultra Left will be the new flavor of the Democratic party. See if Dems run to the Left in the General election. Reps already ran to the right with the Tea...
  12. Dave68124

    Liberals want a Second American Civil War and America to look like California

    Article supposes that all of America will look like California in 15 years. Great - we get to take a shithole state and turn ourselves into a shithole country. People are leaving California in droves because of the liberal policies destroying that State. This author may have to check his...
  13. Dave68124

    PA 18th

    Before we hear the DNC talking points, here is a well written analysis of what the election in PA 18th means. Net, net - Nobody should read too much into the election. District actually has 70,000 more Democrats than Republicans, but leaned heavily to Rep Presidential candidates in 2012 and...
  14. Dave68124

    Why do Dems want to shut the government down?

    Come with your excuses girls. When the Reps threatened it when Obama was in White House, the liberals here cried like little bitches about how mean the Reps were, but when the Dems do it I am sure you will get out your best cheerleader outfit.
  15. Dave68124

    False Alarm in Hawaii

    I am sure everyone heard about the mistaken message sent to residents in Hawaii. “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII, SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” Other than the obvious panic it caused and took 38 minutes for them to retract the information, wouldn't you think there...
  16. Dave68124

    Fire at Bill and Hillary's house in New York

    Nobody was hurt, but substantial damage to a back bathroom. Fire officials believe the home email server over-heated while it was being wiped of emails.
  17. Dave68124

    Now this is pretty funny

  18. Dave68124

    Finally something I can get behind Trump on.

    Even as a conservative there hasn't been much I can get behind Trump on, but I believe Trump's stand and positioning on North Korea is some of the best work done in decades with regards to the fat kid with a bad haircut. It's what Clinton, Bush and Obama should have done for the last 20 years...
  19. Dave68124

    Is it possible to insert an image on VASL?

    I was in the process of setting up a map and thought it would be helpful to copy the Special Rules from the pdf of the scenario card and put it in with the map rather than have to type it all again in the notes. Thus, the question. Is there a way to insert an image on the map set up? Thanks,
  20. Dave68124

    Hot for Teacher

    What's up with all the female teachers and their affairs with students. It is almost daily a new one pops up. Every time I see one of these articles, I think about this SNL skit. Has to be in the top 10.