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  1. Gunner Scott

    trump Appealing in Court how does it work?

    Ok, in a couple of court cases, trump has lost, so can the banks turn over the orange turds bank records or does an appeal stop them?
  2. Gunner Scott

    Thoughts On CGIV Bled White

    Howdy- Was looking over this CG and can the Germans actually control 17 factories (they do control 4 at start I think)? So essentially the Germans have seven days to get to the bottom of the map to control the 14th factory. Is that even doable? It seems like there is not enough time but I could...
  3. Gunner Scott

    138 of the 138 VC Q

    ok, in the last part of the VC do the Russians have their own buildings as VP? The reason I ask is is that it if not, all the Germans need do is take 4 or 5 buildings then hunker down.
  4. Gunner Scott

    RB12 The 138 of the 138th

    Hi- Getting ready to play RB 12 The 138 of the 138th today. The scenario looks interesting but boy was that perimeter a real pain to puzzle out. Special thanks to Klas M. for helping with the scenario perimeters in this scenario. Played up to German turn 3 this evening and will finish up...
  5. Gunner Scott

    The 138 of the !38th Captured German LMG Q

    Howdy- In the Russian OB, they get a German LMG, is this weapon considered captured and if so, it will suffer both Ammo shortage and captured use penalties? thanks scott
  6. Gunner Scott

    Streamed my first D&D game

    Hi all- Streamed my first D&D game:
  7. Gunner Scott

    My Dream Tourney

    Howdy Had this thought, my dream tourney would be one that had all HASL scenarios in each round. Thus I would not have to cart around 75+ maps but instead lug around a few paper maps. Would people go to such Tourney formats?
  8. Gunner Scott

    PTO Starter Kit Question on the Japanese

    Hi all- For those that have this product in hand already, did MMP streamline the Japanese Nationality rules? Scott
  9. Gunner Scott

    The 138 of the 138th correct Set Up?

    Hi ya- In green are what I think are the possible Russian set up hexes in this scenario. Are they Correct? thanks
  10. Gunner Scott

    Map Set Up Graphics

    With so many scenarios being published with complicated set-up perimeters, why can the designers or publishers put the set-up perimeters on a color map on the scenario card? I am setting up RB 12 The 138 of the 138th and boy is it confusing, though SSR 2 gives an example is not very helpful...
  11. Gunner Scott

    point blank Q

    Hi ya- Can you guys confirm that an AFV that fires at a tank that had moved adjacent to it get the point blank mods? To me its clear but I think my opponent is getting confused by C6.3.
  12. Gunner Scott

    Question on hinderances

    Hi ya I think my opponent has this wrong but here is the question: in hex W16 you have a hero /squad firing out of smoke. in hex x15 and y15 you have two more squads firing through the X14 dispersed smoke. If hexes W16, X15 and Y15 combine as a FG do they suffer both the smoke in W16 and X14...
  13. Gunner Scott

    motion non turreted tank Dfire mods?

    So I can not recall the rules but if a motion non turreted tank fires it suffers: +2 motion, doubling of the lower die, buttoned up. Is that it? of course it suffers the targets mods but I'm more concerned with the AFV's own mods. thanks
  14. Gunner Scott

    HF 8 Fahrenheit 352 Tactics?

    Howdy- going to play this on today and what are the tactics people used for bothsides? Looks like the American will get the first shot even though they are defending. Anyway. looks like an interesting scenario that is for sure. Posted are pics of my German set -up.
  15. Gunner Scott

    Which do you prefer in RB/RO Booby Traps Or High San?

    Howdy So having played alot of RB, I find as the Russians keeping the Russian SAN up to be a suckers bet, instead I could use that 1 CPP to buy FPP's or bank it for maybe engineers down the road. With Booby traps on the other hand, once you get it to level a/b it will rarely go down and the...
  16. Gunner Scott

    Breezless Day Overlays?

    Seeing that this oldie moldie is in the ASL Open (there are a ton of oldie modies on that list lol) has anyone done hill overlays to replace the grain on board 43? thanks
  17. Gunner Scott

    dtf 8 the art of war Q

    Hi- Just played but we were not sure what kind of MMG's the PLA uses. What MMG's are available to the PLA? Also, there is the orchard overlay which covers the 64DD6 road, is there a road that runs through this hex?
  18. Gunner Scott

    Shit ASL producers I will never play or buy from again.

    Well, having just played Java 14 Rossino and it being an unbalanced dog, as with many LC products, I think its time to stop purchasing from this guy. I think maybe one in scenario in each of his scenario packs might be balanced, but on the whole most of his stuff is just badly edited and...
  19. Gunner Scott

    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    Hi- Received RF last week, and a few questions came to mind, why are the maps folded as small as possible? Were the scenarios that had balance issues get revised? Why is the paper quality not as good as the original map? The counters of course look nice and are of the highest quality. Scott
  20. Gunner Scott

    Bloody Red Beach VASL map?

    Howdy Anybody create a VASL map for this scenario that they would not mind sharing? Thanks scott