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  1. ecz

    any World of ASL update?

    it seems the DM site have not been udated in 2018. I could have missed some new/info about this . So I'm here to ask if this has been discussed recently and if is there any info about a future planned major update
  2. ecz

    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    VASLeague 2019 is an individual ASL tourney, now at its 13 th edition, played mainly via internet with the following rules: 1. General Rules 1.1 The Swiss System is used for pairings and classification. 1.12 There are 5 rounds of 45-60 days of duration each, beginning on 1st March 2019 ...
  3. ecz


    rule B 8.6 says: The entrances must be in separate ground level building, pillbox, brush, or woods Locations (emphasis mine). Does it means, plain and simple that tunnel with entrances both at a level 1 hill woods are NA? I ask because rule adds: The tunnel may not pass beneath any hex...
  4. ecz

    OT 34/85

    where can I find the Russian T34/85 X11 FT 32FP tank counter for VASL? (it needs in scenario ITR-2 #8) thanks
  5. ecz

    what - perhaps - ASL needs

    JRV's post of a few days ago gave me the idea to start a new thread about what kind of improvement could be easily done at no cost just changing the scenario design style leaving every other thing untouched. Well, I'm not going to talk again about scenario balance and the bidding- VCs style I...
  6. ecz

    scenario 89 Rescue Attempt VCs

    gentlemen, I'm considering to play the above scenario, but not sure to fully understand its VCs. It seems Belgians only gain VCs in two ways: staying on board alive with AFVs, possibly within five hexes of 43 O10, and exiting off the west edge on/between 33GG5/GG1 in turns 7-8 with...
  7. ecz

    Falling Rubble and Smoke

    seeing an old war-movie I suddenly noticed that ASL players (and scenario designers) missed in 35+ years to point the fact that falling rubbles rules "forgot" to consider the smoke that should fill the hex (dust, small debris etc...) It's strange nobody never suggested to place a...
  8. ecz

    Captured Vehicles

    This in theory could happen is scenarios like AP 100 Coal in their Stockings when a side abandons many HTs removing the MGs for a better infantry usage and enemy units try to steal the vehicles and use them to quickly exit the board. Rules say: 21.22 TEMPORARY CREW: An armed vehicle which is...
  9. ecz

    free los checks during setup...

    ...are ALWAYS allowed for the Scenario Defender (per index definition), even when Bore Sighting is NA correct? I just had a chat on VASL about this
  10. ecz

    Forgotten War in ASL tournaments?

    I know that FW is technically ASL, at least in the sense MMP means, and I'm not here to contest this assumption. My personal opinion about homogeneity of the war of Korea with WWII or - in general - the fact FW scenarios could or could NOT be included in a tournament's list is not rilevant...
  11. ecz

    rubbled building control

    in scenario A 93 the VC says that the attacker must control 6 of the 7 multi-hex buildings. A very peculiar SSR says that all building hexes could be rubbled before setup rolling a DR < 7 and that a rubbled hex is still part of its building per VC puposes. Question: 1) is any Rubble hex...
  12. ecz

    deluxe W0 18 boards

    I know that creating a VASL board is time consuming, we must wait the time it is necessary, the result is excellent, they put a lot of work into, we have to thank the volunteers etc etc... I'm not asking when they will be available for download ( we know they make their best to make this...
  13. ecz

    bypass rubble and rowhouses

    in the diagram below how many MF cost moving from W5 to W4? and how many MF cost moving from W4 to W5? and why? Rubble is inherent terrain, so the "one" cost to to bypass the rowhouse should cost three... or not? same moving from the non rubbled hex to the rubbled hex: 1 or 3 to bypass the...
  14. ecz

    M3A1 (lend lease)

    I imagine that a crew and and a Russian HS dismounting from this US vehicle take a Russian MMG and a Russian .50 HMG NOT in dm status because Russian MMGs/HMGs aren't dm able despite the fact the vehicle and the weapons are US-made, correct?
  15. ecz

    C. 6.52 BRACKETING

    a doubt arised today : the 237 starts its Movement under a 1/2 acquired counter (from the Tank). the 237 moves to I5 and then H5 spending 2MF + 2MF = 4 MF the 1/2 acquired counter follows the HS, so the tank fires to the moving 237 in H5 and misses losing ROF. At this point the 237 declares a...
  16. ecz

    control of a building hex using a AFV

    if the VC requires the control of a specific "hex", although incidentally containing a building, I believe that a AFV (NOT in bypass) could control it as long it stays there at the end of the game and the hex is devoid of armed enemy units. A lone SMC moving in the said hex prevents the AFV's...
  17. ecz

    ROAR or non ROAR?

    pretty sure this has been never asked so directly: do you record games played on ROAR?
  18. ecz


    board 47: Units in H2 and G3 are in level one (the white dot is on level one) . what about F3? I would consider it in level 1 as the others. So the los from H2 to E4 is clear correct?
  19. ecz

    a VASLeague logo

    Gentlemen it's time to have a VASLeague logo. After all I think that VASLeague is the most lasting online wargame tournament of all times being at its 12th season in a row. Incidentally VASLeague is also the most attended online tournament of the internet era (about 130 players in 2018...
  20. ecz

    question about internet wargame tournaments

    hello, not counting chess board games, Risk and Advanced Squad Leader, what are the wargames of which there is a tournament organized by the interent that has lasted for several years and which has dozens of participants? I have seen several PoG and BtB tournaments online, but they have not...