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  1. Vinnie

    BG Counters 44: Stuart SP, 60a Centaur AA Mk I, Centaur AA Mk II, & Crusader AA Mk II, & Crusader AA Mk I

    55a Stuart SP: This varient that appeared in the western desert was a Stuart III (British Vehicle Note 3) with the turret removed and an OQF 18 Pounder gun (British Ordnance Note 11) mounted in its place. † The Turret is treated as unarmoured. Despite this, the crew may button up and if they do...
  2. Vinnie

    BG Counters 43: Morris Mk II LRC, Staghound III 75(a) & Staghound III(a), & Fox(a)

    45a Morris Mk II LRC: Morris Light Reconnaissance Car (LRC) was a British light armoured car for reconnaissance use produced by Morris Motors Limited The vehicle had an unusual internal arrangement, with the three-man crew sitting side by side by side with the driver in the middle, a crewman...
  3. Vinnie

    BG Counters 42: Grant(a) Scorpion III & Grant(a) Scorpion IV, Matilda II Scorpion, & PzVG Cuckoo(g)

    11 Grant(a) Scorpion III & Grant(a) Scorpion IV: These represent the Grant tank (British Vehicle Note 11) equipped with the Scorpion flail device. The Scorpion IV had an additional motor to power the flail as it was found that the Scorpion mechanism was underpowered. † For usage rules see...
  4. Vinnie

    BG Counters 41: M55 12.7mm AA Gun, Chaffee(a), & M11/39(i) & M13/40(i)

    22a. M55 12.7mm AA Gun: This is the lighter, air-transportable version of the M51 Multiple .50-cal MG Carriage (American Ordnance Note 22). Although not widely used during WW2, it became the standard during the Korean War and later.
  5. Vinnie

    BG Counters 40:

    I've posted 31-39 in the Designers forum. Can I ask you to have a look and comment with recommended changes. Now onto the American new guys. 45a M30 Cargo: The M30 is essentially an M12 (U.S. Vehicle Note 45) with the ordnance removed in favor of storage room in the back. The M12 GMC had...
  6. Vinnie

    BG Counters 39: SPW 251/1(g), SU-105(g) & SU-150(g), & 40M Nimrod(h)

    37b SPW 251/1(g): This represents the SPW 251/1 (German Vehicle Note 63). Many halftracks were captured during the fighting on the Eastern Front. The mobility they supplied was valued so after the first few had been sent for assessment, formations that captured them tended to keep them for...
  7. Vinnie

    BG Counters 38: SU-88(g), SU-75B(g) & SU-75G(g), & 43M Zrinyi II(h)

    30a SU-88(g): This represents a PzJg III/IV Nashorn or Hornisse (German Vehicle Note 49). Captured in limited numbers, the use of the vehicle was irregular however 6 were employed in a separate self-propelled gun regiment of the 27th Army in March 1945. † The vehicle is treated as unarmoured...
  8. Vinnie

    BG Counters 37: T-4D(g), T-4E(g), T-4F1(g), T-4F2(g), T-4H(g) & T-4J(g), T-5(g), & T-6(g)

    12a T-4D(g), T-4E(g), T-4F1(g), T-4F2(g), T-4H(g) & T-4J(g): These represent various marks of Panzer IVs (German Vehicle Note 20, Note 21, Note 22, Note 23, Note 24 & Note 25) captured and re-used by the Red Army. The Panzer 4 was the second most captured and re-used tank that the Red Army...
  9. Vinnie

    BG Counters 36: 40M Turan I(h) & 41M Turan II(h), T-3H(g), T-3J(g) & T-3L(g), & Toldi IIa(h)

    5c 40M Turan I(h) & 41M Turan II(h): The Turan I and II (Axis Vehicle Note 9 & Note 10). Following the collapse of the Second Hungarian Army on the Don river, several of these vehicles were captured and while many were returned to be analysed, some were used against their former owners. See...
  10. Vinnie

    BG Counters 35: T-2F(g), T-2L(g), & T-38tA & T-38tE

    3a T-2F(g): See German Vehicle Note 3. See also Russian Vehicle Notes Note U, Note BG
  11. Vinnie

    BG Counters 35: Churchill II(b), Jeep(a) & T-1B(g)

    53 Churchill II(b): This represents a Churchill II (British Vehicle Note 31) in Soviet service. Limited numbers of this design were sent as at this time, the various problems with the transmission and drive train had not been sorted. Additionally, the 2pdr gun was seen as being too weak at this...
  12. Vinnie

    BG Counters 34: Cromwell IV(b), M10(a) & M18(a), & Valentine X(b)

    50a. Cromwell IV(b): It is thought that only 6 of these vehicles were sent to the Soviet Union in mid 1944. They were accepted for trials with a view to purchase. Following these trials, it was decided not to proceed with the purchase of any more. See also Russian Vehicle Note N & LL
  13. Vinnie

    BG Counters 33: ZIS-42M-AA, ZIS-42M, & Tetrarch(b)

    44a ZIS-42M-AA: This is the ZIS-42AA (Russian Vehicle Note 44) modified by using the half-track version of the ZIS-5 truck called it ZiS-42, according to the year of production start. With a stronger 76 hp engine and a frontal brushguard protection, the vehicle received the "M" suffix for...
  14. Vinnie

    BG counters 32: BA-10, BA 11D, & BAI-M & BA-3

    39. BA-10: This is a BA-6 (Russian Vehicle Note 39) which is a later production model where a new chassis was used, and instead of out-right adding more armour, the designers actually reduced it, whilst at the same time sloping it, thus giving better effective protection. It mounted the turret...
  15. Vinnie

    BG Counters 32: ZIS-30, BA-20M, BA-30 & FAI-M, & BA-27 & BA-27M

    37a ZIS-30: The ZiS-30 was one of a few hastily designed armoured fighting vehicles created by Soviet industry shortly after the German invasion during Operation Barbarossa in 1941. In August 1941 Grabin's design bureau at the Gorky plant no. 92 mounted the 57 mm ZiS-2 (Russian Ordnance Note 9)...
  16. Vinnie

    BG Counters 31: KV-220, SU-100Y, & SU-14-2

    26a KV-220: Development of KV-220 on the basis of the KV heavy tank started in the summer of 1940. A prototype was built on December 5. Unlike other KV modifications, the tank featured an elongated hull, additional support roller, enhanced armour (100 mm), and a new turret with the 85 mm F-30...
  17. Vinnie

    BG Counters 30: PT-34 M41, PT-34 M43, PT-KV1 M41 & PT-KV1 M42, T-34/57, & KV-150

    Thought I'd do this one in the general page. Most going in the DEsigner Section. 15b PT-34 M41, PT-34 M43, PT-KV1 M41 & PT-KV1 M42: After great difficulties caused by minefields in the Winter War against Finland, the Soviet Red Army assigned P.M. Mugalev at the Dormashina Factory in Nikolaev to...
  18. Vinnie

    BG29: T-80, T-26E & T-46, & OT-34 M43 & OT-34/85:

    5a T-80: The T-80 light tank was a version of the T-70 (Russian Vehicle Note 5 with a two-man turret—it was produced only in very small numbers when light tank production was abandoned. Developed in the summer and fall of 1942 at the Construction Bureau of the Gorky Automobile Plant under the...
  19. Vinnie

    BG28: M8 HMC(a), 1½ ton Truck(a), 2½ ton Truck(a) & Jeep(a) & LKW GAZ(r), LKW IAG(r) & LKW ZIS(r)

    72d M8 HMC(a): This represents M8 Armoured Cars (American Vehicle Note 42. They were captured in small numbers in most theaters of War and pressed into service. See also German Vehicle Note BG. I think this is the wrong image but couldn't find a "Priest".
  20. Vinnie

    BG27: Humber IV(b), BA-10(r), BA-11D(r), BA-20(r), BA-27(r), BA-27M(r), BA-3(r), BA-6(r), BA-64B(r), BAI-M(r), FAI-M(r), & Blindado AC-aa(e)& Blindado

    68h Humber IV(b): This represents the Humber IV AC (British Vehicle Note 51) captured during the Italian and Normandy Campaigns. See also German Vehicle Note BG.