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  1. holdit

    A subtitle too far

    Check out this classic, epic war movie with CC switched on (English-auto generated), the skip to scenes where German, Dutch or Polish is spoken, and enjoy... Sample:
  2. holdit

    HW, CC and AFPh

    A Russian squad is part of a Human Wave. It enters an enemy-occupied hex and subsequently routs the enemy unit from that hex in the AFPh. Can that Russian squad advance into an adjacent, enemy-occupied hex during the APh to engage in CC? I decided No, since it already has a CC counter which...
  3. holdit

    Sniper Distance/Direction DR leads off board

    During a single-board scenario, a sniper's distance & direction DR leads to an off-board location. I just re-rolled until it gave me a hex that was on the board. I didn't use the off-board SR approach because I'm playing on an enhanced VASL setup, and adding a board would mess everything up, but...
  4. holdit

    Duplicated Action Pack Maps?

    I was perusing the list of ASL maps here: and I noticed that with the action pack maps, many seem to be duplicates of each other e.g. 5a, 5b. Just wondering what the idea behind that is?
  5. holdit

    Board 24 LOS?

    I'm working my way through the Squad Leader Training Manual, and at the end of the LOS section there is an exercise on Board 24, looking from the 2nd Level of V3 along the U4-I10 hex grain. According to the course text the visible hexes are S5 (first Level), 07, N7, L8 and I10, but it looks to...
  6. holdit

    ASL and the StG-44

    When looking at the German infantry counters 4-6-8, 4-6-7 and 4-4-7, I was surprised not to see some effect on firepower from the availability of the StG-44, e.g. a 5-4-7 or 5-3-7 squad. If not firepower, then maybe assault fire capability. The 4-6-7 squad in 1945, however, is no different from...
  7. holdit

    Hill level elevation

    Quick high is each hill level in terms of the real world? I don't remember ever seeing a number given. I imagine it's abstracted quite a bit, but I was wondering if the designers had some averages in mind. Thanks
  8. holdit

    New member from Ireland!

    Hello, I'm also getting back into ASL after many years away, and trying to collect the ASL kit I had to sell off many years ago. The prices now, though, ouch... The first scenarios I want to play are the old classics. Piepsk, the Guards, 621 etc. You can't beat a trip down memory lane. :)
  9. holdit

    Return to ASL?

    Hello, This is my first visit to this forum. I've investigated VASL and I'm very impressed with it and I'm wondering if I could use it to revisit my old SL/ASL days. I once owned the full SL set and also the ASL rulebook, BV and Paratrooper, but I had to sell them when in financial difficulty -...
  10. holdit

    Green Bases Revisited

    Some time ago I edited the 3DBases files to make them green for all nations, in order to get a more miniatures type of feel in the 3D view. I was happy with the results, so I did the same for the later titles with the different basing too... The bases still go brighter when highlighted, and...