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  1. von Garvin

    Good Infantry Scenario for a new player?

    Hi all I have a new ASL player and we are meeting on Saturday for his second game. He's a gamer, but new to ASL. Our first match was ASL A, The Guards Counterattack. Other than Gavin Take, which I don't really like for teaching due to SAN of 0, what would you recommend for an infantry-only...
  2. von Garvin

    Human Wave 2019: June 2019 Tysons Corner

    Human Wave 2019 is still 10 months away, but we already have four registered. Beat the rush! Sign up now!
  3. von Garvin

    Human Wave 2019: YANKS!

    Human Wave 2019 planning is well underway! 7 - 9 June 2019! This year will feature the US Army vs the Germans. Look forward to seeing you in the DC Area next year!
  4. von Garvin

    Human Wave 2018: DC Conscripts' Tournament June 2018

    It's official! There will be a tournament in the DC area next June! 8th to the 10th in Tysons. Check it out at: In short: 1 main tournament, 1 mini and 1 marathon match. Hope to see you there!
  5. von Garvin

    ASL public calendar of upcoming tournaments

    Hi All. After scouring the interwebs, I have completed a public calendar on google that has upcoming ASL tournaments. This is a living document. Please have a look and send me a note if you have or know of a tourney upcoming that isn't listed...