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  1. Philippe D.

    Can a squad fire 2 PF against one MP expenditure

    Oh, I think I always missed that rule, I was only thinking of Backblast.
  2. Philippe D.

    Can a squad fire 2 PF against one MP expenditure

    Do you mean 12's on the TK DRs? A 12 TH should not have hurt you much.
  3. Philippe D.

    Can a squad fire 2 PF against one MP expenditure

    Depends. Did you kill your target with that second shot? In many situations, it's considered a fair trade (as in, not fair at all - from the opponent's point of view).
  4. Philippe D.

    A7.72 - Upper Level Encirclement vs HIP

    I read the "information counters only" precision as meaning that if you can remember (or make side notes) everything perfectly, you could play without them and the game would play logically the same. Would you argue that a Pin counter, or a CX counter, would prevent a player from looking at the...
  5. Philippe D.

    Is a hex adjacent to itself?

    Well, logic and mathematics don't have default meanings for adjacent and ADJACENT, so in a sense, you're right. But by default, when one described a binary relation (something that could be true, or not, for any two objects of a specific type), it is perfectly allowed to define one object to be...
  6. Philippe D.

    Is a hex adjacent to itself?

    Don't you ever see things like, "the two numbers are equal"? If two numbers are equal, then by definition, there is only one of them - it's equal to itself. Yet it's a pretty standard phrase. I really believe you are trying to read more than you should in a use of the plural.
  7. Philippe D.

    Is a hex adjacent to itself?

    Well, a hex and itself share at least a common hexside. In fact, most of the time they share six; half-hexes share fewer than that. I don't have a problem with the default plural being applied to a hex and itself. I'd say a hex is adjacent to itself; if the rule said "one hexside", I'd say the...
  8. Philippe D.

    Standard hex size on geo maps

    This is a shocking revelation. True story: back in the early 80's (I was maybe 12), about when I discovered wargames and the aesthetic beauty of a hexagonal grid, I used my primary school geometry (possibly with some advice from my mom, who was a high school math teacher) to fill a large sheet...
  9. Philippe D.

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played HF7 Gotta Get Out, through VASL as part of the yearly French VASL tournament. I was playing the attacking Americans. They have a nice force (11 squads, supported by 4 Shermans and 2 halftracks) against 9 German squads, 9 of them second line, who get two late-war PzIV as reinforcements...
  10. Philippe D.

    B9.32 Wall Advantage

    Bocage with in-hex TEM is very strong defensively because of this "instant skulk". As long as the opponent is not sitting right on the other side of the Bocage hexside and does not have LOS through a non-Bocage hexside, you get to Prep Fire, then avoid all Defensive Fire, then reclaim WA during...
  11. Philippe D.

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Hey von Marwitz, if you ever find yourself with some spare time, just come over to Bordeaux. I have a spare room where all the ASL stuff is kept, and there's several modules worth of nice counters ready for your clipping fury...
  12. Philippe D.

    Total number of counters in AH's/MMP's ASL Core Modules?

    What should count? Which edition of multiple-edition modules? is the counter content of WoA identical to that of FKaC? CoB/GH vs Rising Sun? What about those smaller modules that were later incorporated into reprints, like Paratrooper or Partisans?
  13. Philippe D.

    DB139 question

    No; A18.11 only allows Leader Creation from the first MMC rally attempt in your turn, provided it is self-rally.
  14. Philippe D.

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    This scenario is indeed a gem, I've played it twice myself and enjoyed both times. As the Germans, I set up enough force close to the farm that I managed to seize it before the French reinforcements could reach it; it's pretty tough for them once the buildings are full of Germans. But I can see...
  15. Philippe D.

    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    I think we can safely guess that skulking as a tactic is taken into account in modern scenario design... so changing the rules might break a fair number of them. One important effect of the rules on the skulking tactic is that you need some space to make it work as the defender. If your...
  16. Philippe D.

    [Red Barricades/Factories] Sewer emergence into Cellars

    OK, so it was just about Tunnels. Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction!
  17. Philippe D.

    Embankment Railroads - inherent terrain?

    It will clearly satisfy me. And if Perry's answer is no, we still have the Hatten designer's intent (yes), so we all can either play them as designed as if there was an "EmRR are considered Inherent terrain" HF erratum, or not.
  18. Philippe D.

    [Red Barricades/Factories] Sewer emergence into Cellars

    I seemed to remember that there was a rule for Sewer emergence into RB/RF Cellars, but today, when I looked for it, I couldn't find it. Will an unpinned, unbroken squad in a RB cellar prevent a Sewer unit under it from emerging there? (I thought there was a rule allowing it, but maybe I just...
  19. Philippe D.

    Placing single OB-designated "?" during setup

    We are talking of things you do before your opponent can look at the board. Once the setup is complete and he can look, all stacks are concealed and indistinguishable from each other.
  20. Philippe D.

    Embankment Railroads - inherent terrain?

    The black squares are indeed in the v1.0 terrain charts, but the lines for the EmRR are certainly not - there was no such terrain at the time.