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  1. Will Fleming

    Zerker charge vs concealed guys

    Zerker charges a British squad and an 8-0 leader that is concealed. Zerker makes it in in the movement phase, 8-0 keeps his concealment. No one else 'advances' in in the Advance Phase. Is there an ambush roll? 11.4 AMBUSH: Whenever Infantry advance into CC (unless reinforcing a Melee) in a...
  2. Will Fleming

    Any way to clear HIP from an old VASL file?

    Basically an opponent sent me a setup that included some HIP stuff to him. I would like to re-use that file for a different game against a different opponent. Any way I can delete the HIP stuff that I cannot see? Probably not a big deal as neither of us will ever see the HIP stuff, but in...
  3. Will Fleming

    How to change a vasl map name/id?

    Basically, I would like to rename the DBPh maps from CH to something different so their names do not conflict with other maps. (D1, D2, D3, ....) Easily doable so the maps can co-exist with their brothers?
  4. Will Fleming

    Fire vs moving unit on a brush/roads (not path)

    This image is from the ASL scenario archive which has some funky looking terrain, but basically the notes at the bottom apply. Brush is brush and not bamboo (竹). Suppose a unit at first level in (M13) fires at a moving infantry unit in the brush/road hex (I12) that is using the road rate. Are...
  5. Will Fleming

    OB11 SSR "Avril Action"

    How exactly should this work? I thought passengers lost concealment with their vehicle, so as soon as a 'live' enemy unit wanted to strip concealment on the HT, wouldn't the passengers cloaking status also be lost? SSR3. All German Personnel must enter play as Passengers in the SPW 251/1...
  6. Will Fleming

    Snap shot and stripping ? order

    I don't think anyone can claim that "LOS" for a snap shot is sufficient to strip concealment alone, but say a unit using non-bypass NAM between two building hexes that such that the hex center dots are clearly out of LOS to the firing defender, but that same defending unit has an easily clear...
  7. Will Fleming

    LOS Question (bypass LOS)

    An infantry unit moves from 21L4 to bypass K4 along the K4/K5 hexside using NAM, what is the DRM of the shot from M2 to K4 (K4/K5/L4 vertex)? A) -2 (-1 ffnam, -1 ffmo) or B) 0 (+1 hindrance from L4, -1 ffnam)? A4.34 BYPASS LOS: Infantry using Bypass are subject to special terrain...
  8. Will Fleming

    Overlay X6 Scenarios

    Any use this one? Stumbled upon this rule, but I would think designers should point this out in an SSR if they use X6. G.9F Overlay X6 represents a small temple. It is treated as a normal Single-Story stone building [EXC: its non-Bypass stacking capacity is reduced to one squad-equivalent...
  9. Will Fleming

    Infantry bypass examples

    This came up yesterday. This is VASL board 21 (v6.0) for what it is worth. A) Can infantry bypass 21Y4 on the 21Y4/X3 hexside? B) Similarly, can infantry bypass 21P7 on the 21P6/P7 hexside? C) 21R6 on the 21S6/R6 hexside? All those are pretty close, but I have played it as those are...
  10. Will Fleming

    DFTB: Tournament sized suggestions?

    Hope that says it all. Looking for some good ones that play relatively quickly. Any "Dispatches from the Bunker" scenarios that you played and loved?
  11. Will Fleming

    BFP100 "Tiger Vanguard" Questions

    There is an interesting SSR in this one. SSR3. The Russians may set up l one squad equivalent HIP and any SMC/SW set up with them, Fortifications containing only HIP units in Concealment Terrain are revealed per E1.16. A) So if the fortification cannot have any contents, (like wire) this does...
  12. Will Fleming

    Perry Sez on Pontoon Bridges (B6.41)

    In both cases, units can move directly to/from O4. ....Perry MMP MMP support, Please see the attached image. This is in reference to scenario ASL 115 "Huns of Steel" for your reference. Pontoon bridges are as indicated in the image. a) May a vehicle go directly from O4 to/from the pontoon...
  13. Will Fleming

    VASL extension: Where are the Russian 4-2-8 "AM" squads?

    I and my opponent have the 4.03 extension installed and see other counters, but we cannot find the squad above (for Scenario BFP100). I am sorry to ask as it has to be somewhere, but can some kind soul at BFP point us in the right direction?
  14. Will Fleming

    Rulebook binding. Stood the test of time?

    Any that went all the way a few years ago have tips? Mistakes? Looking at doing the main rules in one, historical notes in another but maybe keeping HASL/TPP stuff in page protectors. Leather bound? Stitched or glue? Has to withstand humidity as they will be in Singapore.
  15. Will Fleming

    Pontoon bridge entry by vehicles via non-road

    Can vehicles enter a pontoon bridge from a non-road hexside? 6.41 PONTOON: Only pontoon bridges, which are always at water level, permit exit/entry of a bridge through a non-road hexside without Scaling, Swimming, Fording, or Boating. Infantry may enter/exit a pontoon bridge as if it were Open...
  16. Will Fleming

    Swimming allowed by default? ASL115 "Huns of Steel" in particular

    Basically, can cavalry swim in this scenario? A21.41 FORDING: Fording may be attempted by Infantry/Cavalry only in river hexes defined as both fordable and non-frigid. Pushing motorcycles/Guns is not allowed while fording. Entrance of such a hex costs the unit's entire MF allotment and is...
  17. Will Fleming

    Momentary reveal includes a unit's SW?

    This is just the typical situation where a concealed unit is stripping the concealent of another that is say, using non-assault movement in LOS. That unit (say a 447) must be momentarily revealed, but if it has a SW does that also need to be revealed? A concealed Infantry unit may...
  18. Will Fleming

    Bypassing vehicle fires into own hex

    Does it get the +1 for restricted TCA options while in bypass? Say it is a woods, is the shot +1 (woods) or +2 (woods and the first shot at a target in the 'wide' TCA)?
  19. Will Fleming

    CC vs pinned MMC

    6FP CMG attacks a pinned squad (CCV5 -1 for pinned). What is the attack odds? a) 3:2 b) 1:1