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  1. pjh

    ASLSK (or simple ASL) opponent wanted (hybrid PBeM / VASL)

    Hi, My preference would be to play ASLSK scenarios, especially ASLSK#3 and Decision at Elst. I've now got the rules for Infantry, Ordnance, and Vehicles under my belt, so anything from ASLSK#1-#3 would be great. I also have read the rules for Decision at Elst, although I haven't played a...
  2. pjh

    Transition Question: How to calculate Modified To Hit?

    Hi everyone, I'm slowly transitioning from ASLSK to ASL, and ran into something about Ordnance TH in ASLSK that I can't figure out where it is in ASL. Basically, on the TH Charts that ASLSK provides (in #2 or #3), they list Infantry Target Type starting at range 1, then range 2, then range...
  3. pjh

    Calculating Base TH # (&Starter Kit)

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to transition to ASL from ASLSK, and one thing (among many!) has me puzzled: calculating the Modified TH#. ASLSK#2/#3 gives you a handy chart with pre-calculated Modified TH#. But I wanted to see if I had everything right, so I tried to reproduce the work. With 5...
  4. pjh

    Clarifications on ASLSK3's To Hit DR Modifiers Chart

    Hi, I've played a few turns of vehicles now and both me and my opponent are a little unclear on how to read some of the entries on the chart. I thought I'd just list them off here, and see what people say. If there is a more verbose chart, I'd love to see it: 2. Pinned firer [MG attempt NA...
  5. pjh

    Some Infantry Movement Questions

    Hi, This came up from two learning players playing each other (me and my opponent), and we could see how the rule could be read both ways. So I'm seeking clarity. Here are the two cases: Start of MPh (nobody has moved yet). Assume open terrain for this example. 9-1 Leader is in H10. 4-4-7...
  6. pjh

    Removal of CX

    A CX token is removed at the start of the unit's next MPh. So suppose a 7-7-7 doubletimes and gets a CX token on Turn 1. Then on Turn 2, during the MPh, I opt not to move it or spend MF points. Would I still remove the CX token at the start of the 7-7-7's MPh on Turn 2 (even though it spends...
  7. pjh

    ASLSK#3 PBEM Opponent Wanted (Learning)

    Hi folks, I'm still working my way through ASLSK with a lovely opponent (and I am new to ASL), but having finished a few ASLSK#1 games and having read through ASLSK#3 (I don't own #2, but it seems ASLSK#3 contains #2), I'd be very keen to do another PBEM on the side with ASLSK#3. Let me...
  8. pjh

    Timing of Smoke Grenade Placement

    Hi folks! I've been using Peter Kossits's Solitaire ASL Bot to learn ASLSK, and I noticed that the Bot should, if fired upon during MPh and MF remaining, roll to place a smoke grenade in the hex it is in. Is this a special rule for the bot, or is this allowed under the ASLSK#3 rules? To make...
  9. pjh


    Hello everyone. I'm still quite new to both ASL and VASL, so perhaps this question is wrong-headed or easily answered: Is there a repository of VASL logfiles and/or save files that offer a 'complete' review of games people have played --- VASL AARs, so to speak? The reason I ask is because...
  10. pjh

    Ad hoc VASL Opponents Wanted

    Hi everyone, I should qualify that I'm still in the 'new' category and still on ASLSK (read through tutorial / rules on #1-#3, haven't played yet with Ordnance or Tanks). I have a hectic schedule, but I would like to do f2f (face-to-face) on VASL for quick(ish) games, 1-2hrs. With a child...
  11. pjh

    Just in from Chicago!

    Hi. New Chicago-based player. I'm just learning ASL, starting with the Starter Kits. Looking forward to getting some games in.
  12. pjh

    Shrinking the counters

    Is there a way to shrink the counters? Currently, I find it somewhat difficult to suss out what the terrain is underneath a counter in VASL, as the counter takes up most of the entire hex. I realize I can click on the hide/show icon; I also can 'hover' over a counter to reveal the terrain...
  13. pjh

    Step Backwards Button & Counters

    Two very different topics. 1. Is there a way to step backwards through a logfile? I often find myself in a PBEM stepping forward past old moves then I step one or two steps too far, and have to load the logfile again. ('Undo' doesn't seem to step backwards.) 2. As a matter of aesthetics, I...
  14. pjh

    Verbose logfiles & Macbook Keyboard Movement Question

    New player here, so if this is answered already, I apologise: 1. Verbose logfiles: I noticed in the Joy of VASL PBEM pdf ( the log file example actually lists off the movements, e.g., * S8: 7-4-7 moves S7 * I can't figure out how...
  15. pjh

    The acronym 'WC': What does it mean?

    I've looked at the excel sheet on Boardgamegeek (, but I can't find it. 1. Is there an alternative searchable list of acronyms for ASL? 2. What does WC stand for?
  16. pjh

    very new player looking to PBEM on VASL

    Hello, I've read the rules for ASLSK#1 and tried the Scenario 1 a few times solo, so now it is time to try my hand against a live opponent via PBEM and VASL. Looking for someone who is either also new or very patient, as this'll be my first time. Thanks!