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  1. J. R. Tracy

    2018 Albany NY State ASL Championship AAR

    Round 1 - AP 87 Empire’s Fall Opponent Wai Wong, a member of Canada’s sinister effort to subvert the North American ASL community Does not cower Situation Burma, January 1942 – 35 British and Commonwealth squads supported by OBA and a battery of four Bofors defend against 29 well-led IJA...
  2. J. R. Tracy

    2018 Winter Offensive, Round 5: Retaking Kharkov

    Despite my early stumble, I was still in good shape in the main event and next faced Bill Cirillo for what amounted to a semifinal for the coveted WO title. We decided to try something new to both of us, with combined arms on both sides, and this SP title fit the bill. Opponent Bill Cirillo...
  3. J. R. Tracy

    2018 Winter Offensive, Round 4: Forest Brothers

    Final round of the mini! I'd already played the third scenario in the event (Death on the French Coast) so we opted for one of the scenarios from the other mini, which were surprisingly meaty despite the small playing area. Opponent Phil Palmer, my NKVD vs his Lithuanians Situation Hardy...
  4. J. R. Tracy

    2018 Winter Offensive, Round 3: One Story Town

    Second round of the 'big' mini! Opponent Ron Duinskie, my Soviets vs his Finns Situation This was a city fight in Karelia in the Winter War, using boards 22 and 49. The Soviets occupy the middle of the map with 18 squads plus support weapons, along with two BA-6s, while two groups of a...
  5. J. R. Tracy

    2018 Winter Offensive, Round 2: Expendable Allies

    I bounced out of one mini and right into another, joining a second iteration of the 'big' mini on Friday morning. Opponent Ed Fritz Jr, my Poles vs his Germans Situation A very strong German combined arms force counterattacks in 1945 against a Polish element of the Red Army. The Germans...
  6. J. R. Tracy

    2018 Winter Offensive, Round 1: Death on the French Coast

    This was my first game of the weekend, Round 1 of the 'big' playtest mini (big scenarios, as opposed to the tiny mini with tiny maps and tiny players). I didn't snag the card so I'm recalling OBs from memory. Opponent: Dan Stanhagen, my Germans vs his French Situation It’s the 1940...
  7. J. R. Tracy

    Perry Sez on MG TH attempt versus unarmored vehicle

    Q: May a player make a To Hit attempt with an MG versus an unarmored vehicle? A: No. ....Perry
  8. J. R. Tracy

    Flames in Hatten at Winter Offensive

    At this past Winter Offensive, Chas Argent and I settled in to playtest Flames in Hatten, the big daddy twelve-turn scenario in the upcoming MMP HASL of the same name. Designed by Andy Rogers, the package covers the fighting in the Alsatian town of Hatten during Operation NORDWIND in January...