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  1. Will Fleming

    Madmen Cometh, July 26-28 2019, Singapore

    Glad to see that you will be joining us Mr. Neo!
  2. Will Fleming

    ASL in Chengdu, Sichuan, China - 20 & 21 April 2019

    I arrive late on the 19th and will be easy prey for those looking for easy wins. Doubt I will play half the scenarios and still have to work on setups/etc. Bringing my standard travel set (old counters). Japanese/Germans vs US/UK/Soviet
  3. Will Fleming

    Le Franc Tireur 14 : now available for order

    Had a good time playing "Heart of Darkness". Seems pretty well done and balanced, but like most smaller ones, a bit dicey. Got lucky that my opponent's good rolls were on TH rather than TK vs the vehicles and got a lucky capture in CC as the South Africans. Interested to hear how others...
  4. Will Fleming


    After a hickup, it looks like my LFT Italians will get their first action tomorrow (against me no less). With luck, my opponent won't notice me replacing ELR: 4 with ELR: 0 on the card! :) Really nice to see the Italian counters back in print (and improved depending on your taste).
  5. Will Fleming

    From The Cellar Pack 4: Counter Scans

    LFT stuff has always arrived in good shape for me. I can't say I have played a ton of their stuff, but am a happy customer and know there are lots of good stories about them taking care of their customers. I assume any problems will be addressed. Pretty sure I will play a campaign game of KGS...
  6. Will Fleming

    low crawl

    Gotta be terrifying playing Klas if you play competitively and believe you have a firm grasp on the rules.. :shudder:
  7. Will Fleming

    low crawl

    Pretty sure the big guy (Perry, who is much loved) will come down on A or B. Anyone give him a chance yet? As an American, I am sure they could go to either location. French and Italians might find a way to make "C" legal too!
  8. Will Fleming

    From The Cellar Pack 4: Counter Scans

    The glory of FTC4 continues and will certainly outlast mine, though that glory be forever intertwined. :D Seriously speaking: I had a very minor role in that module and was happy to see it get released by LFT.
  9. Will Fleming

    2019-2020 Deluxe VASL League

    Will Fleming (British) defeats Pat Flory (Italian) in Commando Beach 2 (FT241). The Italians set up in force to defend the bridge but some lucky rolls by the British and the only snakes the Italians could muster resulted in Berserk Italians that were doomed. The Italian 12s CR'd squads or...
  10. Will Fleming


    Would be nice. We could dig for any dead bodies still not found in the jungle in our spare time. Perhaps Jackson has a few new ones to 'add' to the jungle as well. :)
  11. Will Fleming


    Someone better at this than I am can show a nicer laminated map, but here is how mine came out (at a request). The smaller one (as in fewer hexes) shows the crease (around KK2) were it was the worst. Came out pretty well and thanks for BFP for what I expect will be a worthwhile investment for me.
  12. Will Fleming


    Got the map laminated and explained the one crease that had wear and they were able to get it laminated pretty well. You can still see it, but only if you know it is there already. Map looks great and can't wait to get some counters between myself and the Smeelander. Hopefully the dice will...
  13. Will Fleming

    A Question about FrF67 Collecchio

    Ufft. VASL gets rid of the white circles (single hex, level 1.5 buildings), but keeps the stairwells.
  14. Will Fleming

    Zerker charge vs concealed guys

    Squad was known at the start. Leader just stayed concealed. So I guess it might be something like "You can have your steak and potatoes or nothing." Can I just get the steak? Can I opt for absolutely nothing (no steak nor any potatoes).
  15. Will Fleming

    Zerker charge vs concealed guys

    Zerker charges a British squad and an 8-0 leader that is concealed. Zerker makes it in in the movement phase, 8-0 keeps his concealment. No one else 'advances' in in the Advance Phase. Is there an ambush roll? 11.4 AMBUSH: Whenever Infantry advance into CC (unless reinforcing a Melee) in a...
  16. Will Fleming

    SK stile board 42

    If you can snag the AP it was in, all good. I think perhaps some issues with a wall being moved on some of the boards, but there is an overlay to fix it. Double check, but I think that was AP#3 (Mark's pack).
  17. Will Fleming

    Any way to clear HIP from an old VASL file?

    Thanks all. The issue is laziness on my part and the fact that the guy who sent me his file with setup and some HIP did a good job on it (as in the VASL config not necessarily his setup). Should be fine with the 'dirt' under the rug as it is maybe 5 counters.
  18. Will Fleming

    Madmen Cometh, July 26-28 2019, Singapore

    Great. Got another sign up today in addition to your information, so the day is starting great. Let us know if we are missing any info that might be relevant to your plans.
  19. Will Fleming

    New WO Pack

    Thanks. I made a mistake and assumed I was in on the pre-order, but will snag that along with maybe some other MMP goodness later this year. Keep up the good work, but don't forget about any looming snap shot Q&As that are due. :D
  20. Will Fleming

    Red Factories

    Hopefully there will be an end to the new "CMG FIrst Fired" counters as I just don't see much use to them in reality ("Meatspace" as some might say). Better to cut the costs and give me a discount on the next order! :)