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    176 The Only Way Out

    I took on ASL returnee Joe Markham in this one yesterday. It features a German infantry column being discovered and attacked by the Finns while retreating up a road between a hill and a river. To win the Germans need to exit at least 10 cvp off the North edge, and have more cvp total than the...
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    FFE:C and the New Extent of Error

    This question has come up in each of my last two games. I thought I understood this, but since both of my recent opponents had the same different interpretation, I am questioning my rules reading. There is an FFE:C on board. You have contact and access and you want to move it. I always...
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    Beach Assualt

    I think that's a DDDD (Dual Drive Dodge Dart)!
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    KGP Very Heavy Mist and Overrun DRM

    > Rule:D7.15 > Question:In a KGP CG scenario does Very Heavy Mist affect an overrun attack as a modifier? eg, >Is the modifier for an OVR in an Open Ground hex -1 (open ground), or 0 (-1 open ground, +1 >very heavy mist)? > Yes. 0. ....Perry MMP