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  1. BruceC

    MwT scenarios

    Hi mates, do we still have access to the MwT scenarios? I am looking specifically for #7. If you might help...thanks. BC
  2. BruceC

    When deleting dummies ... opponents concealed units come under my control i.e. I can see them as I would my own concealed units, and he sees them as he would my concealed units. Seems to happen when I delete dummies that are under his units. Anyone else experience this phenomena?
  3. BruceC

    VASL opponent wanted

    Willing to commit to Thursday nights from 6-7 to 10-12 EST. Currently looking to play something on the VOTG or RB maps including but not limited to CGs, Last Bid, First Bid, but am willing to consider other options. I use Skype, the dice-bot and I are currently on the love side of our...
  4. BruceC

    AP101 When I Call Roll

    Greetings, Just getting around to this scenario Steve Anderson and I played on the latest anniversary of the landings in Normandy. We have been playing ASL for many years but always shied away from the LC/Beach/Seaborne Assault rules. Reading a post on the ASL FB page I saw where Perry had...
  5. BruceC

    Setup files for A55 or AP83?

    Hello, Could anybody tell me where I might download a setup file for these Japanese seaborne assaults, or tell me how to place the overlays in VASL so that they behave? :) Thanks BC
  6. BruceC

    VASL setup question J86 Frontal Assault overlay issue

    Hi mates- Im trying to setup the map for the above mentioned scenario and am having trouble getting the OW1 overlay into place. VASL wants just one board for coordinates yet we are needing to input hexes on two different boards. If anybody has a suggestion or a setup map for this scenario I...
  7. BruceC

    J157 Rage Against the Machine SSR question.

    We're about to start this scenario but looking at SSR#2 it begs a question. Concerning the German leaders and optional PF usage. I assume that the German leaders all will begin with PFs. But they can carry only one, and the SSR states that these are deducted from the total PFs allocated. 21...
  8. BruceC

    Unarmed in awe

    Hi guys, Was playing a game earlier and had another of those ASL events that keep us playing this game. At the start of German RtPh, a broken US HS and unbroken 8-0 leader are in a hex adjacent to a German squad. The Germans accept the surrender of the US HS in German RtPh, the US 8-0 sits...
  9. BruceC

    Sox and Yanks

    I am preparing to enjoy another meeting between the World Champs and the Yankees. Looking at the starting pitchers I am reminded of a thing or two. The scheduled starter for the Yanks, a Mr. Chamberlain, as I recall, was taking much advice from his mentor last year, a certain Mr. Clemens...