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    My copies arrived yesterday, lots of Italian goodness and especially like the Scenario and arcticle from Alan Hume a fellow Scot!
  3. olli

    new Pack released

    George has a new Scenario pack out, the Quick Six. Available to order on his site, for Brits Second Chance Games have it up on pre order.
  4. olli

    Monte Altuzzo

    Just received this today after several weeks of being in the shipping process. First thoughts were OMG what a map, very confusing it is so “busy”. My main peeve is that it looks like all the Packs now come with the CH alternative colours counters , a big disappointment to me as I would prefer...
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    GOLD30 is this weekend's code.
  6. olli

    Supplemental map pack

    the above has just been put on preorder guys.
  7. olli

    Russian Rare Vehicles 3

    Anybody know of errata for this pack? I have found some descepancies in the scenarios and the Errata download area on the CH site is not available
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    The above pack is now being advertised on sale in Europe via LFT
  9. olli

    Changes to GS Forum

    Well all in all I like the changes, apart from the fact that whereas before we had the flags of our country ( apart from Scotland) I see that I am now without country ( cannot have Scotland, place of my birth as my country) I guess I will get the same reply as last time so this is just a kind...
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    Hi Guys Just saw this one it is up for Pre order and is shipping on the 4th 0f April. $37 for the US and $44 for the rest of the world... second last product coming from HoB