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  1. Warbear

    SP258 - Overlay I

    Scenario SP258 from Schwerpunkt #22 needs Overlay I. I'd like to play it with VASL. ROAR shows 18 games. But I cannot find Overlay I, neither in real nor for VASL. And I cannot find any errata. Who can help?
  2. Warbear

    HS killed by Backblast

    A Halfsquad firing a BAZ rolls TH (with a red "1"), hits it's target, but suffers Casualty Reduction due to backblast (C13.81) and dies. Is the following IFT-roll still effective, or is the action finished before, after the HS was eliminated?
  3. Warbear


    A simple question, but I don't know: Are Australians (7th Australian Infantry Division with Elite Squads) ANZAC units - and therefore stealthy?
  4. Warbear

    Adding Overlay over 2 boards

    How do I manage to add an Overlay over 2 boards? See AP126: "RR8 on 38AA1-56Z10"
  5. Warbear


    I'm just setting up a VASL scenario and have a PTO question: Does Kunai exist in December? i.e.: Do I first apply G.6.1 and then B.15.6, or first B.15.6 and then G.6.1? G.6.1 Whenever PTO Terrain (G.1) is in effect, all grain becomes kunai B.15.6 SEASON: Grain does not exist and is treated...
  6. Warbear

    Nearly complete now ...

    Yesterday a big truck parked in front of my house: :cool:
  7. Warbear

    AFV moving on a bridge

    Can this AFV in bypass move directly on the bridge hex?
  8. Warbear


    A7.7 states: ... A qualifying target Location is thereafter marked with an Encirclement counter ... My question: When exactly will the Encirclement counter be placed? - before the first shot, after the LOS conditions and FP for Encirclement are clear? - before the last consecutive shot on...
  9. Warbear

    Tactiques magazine 0-issue ?

    I know the old Tactiques magazines 1-9 and own some of them. Now I've heard that there was a 0-issue too. Is this correct? Does anybody have a 0-issue of the Tactiques magazine? .