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  1. Redwolf

    CMx2 East Front released

    It is out. Preorders have been delivered (download). Elvis, wanna send a setup?
  2. Redwolf

    Anybody (still) playing Airborne Assault / Command Ops / Highway to the Reich?

    It's an ex-BFC game so I can as well ask here :) Just looking for something to play while I wait for more CMx2 fixes. I just remembered that Panther Games' Airborne Assault / Command Ops / Highway to the Reich wasn't all that bad so I checked the status. I also want a Market Garden game so...
  3. Redwolf

    Market Garden module and the 2.01 patch

    Well I guess we'll get our updated 2.01 patch with the MG module, and then backported. Maybe even before the end of the year? Apart from the MG changes indicated and cleaning up some of the technical bugs found in 2.0, any other changes that we already know? Did they ever publish a unit...
  4. Redwolf

    Mac OS X version of CMBN

    Mac version for preorder. Good move. A little surprising that they can finish the Mac port before release, I was expected it to happen after the first patch or so.
  5. Redwolf

    CMBN pre-order, tentative release date Pretty hard box preorder. Release for end of April, tentatively.
  6. Redwolf


    Breaking news. After pissing people like me off with no new Red units for a while NATO will have a couple new toys for Opfor. ZSU-23/4 is in. Yes baby. There go 25 of my bucks :)
  7. Redwolf

    Progress. Things are looking up.

    Thinks are really looking up. The status of FoW on foxholes has changed to "most likely" and some hack to protect heavy weapons (AT guns etc) in there in initial positions seems to be definitely in, in dependently of the foxholes (a non-foxhole hack for guns, basically). In addition to...
  8. Redwolf


    I guess some of us are out for CMx2:Normandy. Very disappointing. They put in into their year 2000 game, but not the 2009 game, and it ruins gameplay...
  9. Redwolf

    Interesting threads on CMx1, CMx2 and scale problems

    The CM:SF forum is unusually active with high-quality threads on scale choices: Immersion:;f=52;t=004065 CMx1 to CMx2:;f=52;t=004082;p=1#000014 Frustrations...
  10. Redwolf

    Consoles - I don't get it.

    OK, so as people know I have "some" PCs but I passionately hate Windoze, and while games like TacOps and TOAW seem to run acceptably on Linux and FreeBSD it's a real annoyance. Since I enjoy simpler games lately anyway, I was pretty much ready to get a XBOX 360 - until I spotted this (while...
  11. Redwolf

    Walpurgis ROW IV AARs?

    Anyone has a link to Walpurgis ROW IV AARs? He must have submitted them but they don't seem to have ended up at the B&T website.